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Poetic T May 2
A masquerade of perpetual fear,
          for all steps were in unison.
For who would misstep with
         unkept flames catching
                        each indiscretion.

Hollow melodies capture the soul,
           bounding it with this dance
of the dead, neither a  choreography
         but a chain of resonance
        where bones scrunch in fatigue.

The hell fire ball, where all burn eventually,
        Singed gowns, and suits charred.
But the devil is in the details,
and we shall dance till we bleed of die.

           Perfection is a demon of fulfilment...
Mikey Kania Jan 29
as a child, you can't wait to grow up.
as an adult, you either suppress or fulfill
your childly needs.

some of us do both; but it's the balance that counts.
Much love to all kids who can't wait to be an adult.

God bless your young souls.

Today is a good day.

LH Jan 4
To take that step
You bare your soul
Ready for rejection
Vulnerability taking hold

To take that step
You steel yourself
Ready for acceptance
Love thyself

To take that step
You make a transition
Acceptance, rejection
What’s the decision

But to not to take that step
To not be vulnerable
Keeps you safe
Leaves you comfortable

To not take the step
A life stagnates
Lack of fulfilment
Tøast May 2019
Well I guess this is me,
They say once you’ve hit rock bottom you can only go upwards,
Well I hit the rock and pushed up into my mind,
Revealed the sky and shot up into the night.
Though all the scars and torture I’ve trodden through are tattooed on my skin,
The mud might have weighed down my boots but I’m stronger now than I ever have been.

A somewhat sober somebody, turning my life into something instead of melting into another nothing.
You set my mind,
Every time,
I see your smile.

You're a treasure.
The one I cherish.
You're a beauty.
A sight to always relish.

You are precious.
Rare. Priceless.
A standout of no equal.

You're a treat.
Sweet as berry.
You're everything and more.
The cherry on top.

You're a prize.
The biggest catch any man could find.
Every other thing is benign,
So long as you're mine.
Why do I love you?
A million reasons, a million things.
More that what you could imagine.
Where do I even begin?

Is it your smile that lights up any room?
Your smile that eases whatever I'm going through.
A smile like no other.
A gift from God. A treasure, a wonder.

Could it be the sound of your voice?
The melody in your words?
It could be the sweetness in your whisper.
The one that melts my heart, makes me tender.

Perhaps, its the way you overlook my faults.
Maybe it's in the rhythm to your walk?
The pump in your strut?
Always focused, filled with guts.

Or is it the way you calm the storms within?
Or the way your touch feels without?
Is it the beauty from inside?
Or the shape, the curves on the outside?

Let's not even get into the food.
Every stir, every sprinkle.
Poetry in motion. Masterful.
Happiness, in every mouthful.

I could go on forever.
It's not one thing exactly or the other.
All I know is I will never tire;
Of reasons, why I love you.
Let’s go to places we’ve never been.
    Let’s go see things we’ve never seen.
    Let me show you a world beyond your dreams.
    Cause together, me and you, we’re a team.

    I don’t wanna take you on a thrill.
    I want to show you my love is real.
    Show you that a man could make all your doubts, seem so little.
    That a man could ease your life, no troubles.

    That a man could fill you, with so much mettle.
    Make all your worries, fickle.
    Your problems, dwindle.
    Your trials, nimble.

    A man that will tell no fables.
    That will make your body, his temple.
    That will make your heart, settled.
    And your place in his heart, nestled
    Place You, on a pedestal.
    On the very highest, of levels.
‘The Highest Level’ is a poem about a man’s promises to his lady. The promise of love, ease and happiness. Enjoy.
Step into the light.
With that smile,
You have no reason to shy;
Away. Sway,
With the tide.
Beam with pride.
Put your fears aside.
Soar to new heights.
Set fire, burn bright.
Show the world its your time,
To shine. . .
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