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Cleo Jun 6
To the girl that comes after me,
I'm sorry.
I've threaded my presence in his mind,
woven between the beam of my smile and the sound of my laughter.

I'm sorry for the times he'll say my name instead of yours,
and for the songs he keeps skipping on that playlist.
The sting on your tongue when he kisses you...
that's the taste of me that he still holds on to.
Forgive him for the photos he archived instead of deleted,
and for the gifts in the shoe box that he swore he gave away.

I'm sorry for his mood in the middle of September,
and for the walls he struggles to break down.
I'm sorry for every time he says he's fine and you know he's lying.
He's trying.

So please don't give up on him...
Be gentle. Don't be loud.
Treat him like a king and he'll love you like a queen.
Give him your attention. All of it.
He likes that.

Be honest with him...
He's really good at seeing through *******.
Kiss him in the morning like you didn't see him the night before.
Pray for him. Pray with him.
Hold him when he's broken,
and keep that same energy when he's whole.

...and if you can,
make him forget he ever loved me.
Give him everything I couldn't.
Do everything I wouldn't... I didn't.
Show him what he was missing,
then hopefully you'll forgive him
for the gifts in the shoebox that he swore he gave away.

I hope you light that **** on fire. I hope the ghosts all fade away.
Tøast May 29
Well I guess this is me,
They say once you’ve hit rock bottom you can only go upwards,
Well I hit the rock and pushed up into my mind,
Revealed the sky and shot up into the night.
Though all the scars and torture I’ve trodden through are tattooed on my skin,
The mud might have weighed down my boots but I’m stronger now than I ever have been.

A somewhat sober somebody, turning my life into something instead of melting into another nothing.
William Troup Apr 28
When in my youth I trundled afar
   across the county hills,
   and many a star did light the way
   and believed in a better day!

When in my youth I followed behind
   the leaders with weary eyes,
   and many a time I beseeched to find
   the hearts that lost their mind!

When in my youth I hungered for more
   where echos claimed no stand,
   and many a path in founding thrills
   would reach and find me still!

When in my youth I wondered aloud
   with words that caught no mind,
   and many a day I wondered inside
   and searched for a guidance ride!

When in my youth? a man to be ...
   the answers? no avail!
   where am I now? where am I still?
      these questions still prevail!
Fọlá Jan 10
You set my mind,
Every time,
I see your smile.

You're a treasure.
The one I cherish.
You're a beauty.
A sight to always relish.

You are precious.
Rare. Priceless.
A standout of no equal.

You're a treat.
Sweet as berry.
You're everything and more.
The cherry on top.

You're a prize.
The biggest catch any man could find.
Every other thing is benign,
So long as you're mine.
Fọlá Nov 2018
Why do I love you?
A million reasons, a million things.
More that what you could imagine.
Where do I even begin?

Is it your smile that lights up any room?
Your smile that eases whatever I'm going through.
A smile like no other.
A gift from God. A treasure, a wonder.

Could it be the sound of your voice?
The melody in your words?
It could be the sweetness in your whisper.
The one that melts my heart, makes me tender.

Perhaps, its the way you overlook my faults.
Maybe it's in the rhythm to your walk?
The pump in your strut?
Always focused, filled with guts.

Or is it the way you calm the storms within?
Or the way your touch feels without?
Is it the beauty from inside?
Or the shape, the curves on the outside?

Let's not even get into the food.
Every stir, every sprinkle.
Poetry in motion. Masterful.
Happiness, in every mouthful.

I could go on forever.
It's not one thing exactly or the other.
All I know is I will never tire;
Of reasons, why I love you.
Fọlá Nov 2018
Let’s go to places we’ve never been.
    Let’s go see things we’ve never seen.
    Let me show you a world beyond your dreams.
    Cause together, me and you, we’re a team.

    I don’t wanna take you on a thrill.
    I want to show you my love is real.
    Show you that a man could make all your doubts, seem so little.
    That a man could ease your life, no troubles.

    That a man could fill you, with so much mettle.
    Make all your worries, fickle.
    Your problems, dwindle.
    Your trials, nimble.

    A man that will tell no fables.
    That will make your body, his temple.
    That will make your heart, settled.
    And your place in his heart, nestled
    Place You, on a pedestal.
    On the very highest, of levels.
‘The Highest Level’ is a poem about a man’s promises to his lady. The promise of love, ease and happiness. Enjoy.
Fọlá Nov 2018
Step into the light.
With that smile,
You have no reason to shy;
Away. Sway,
With the tide.
Beam with pride.
Put your fears aside.
Soar to new heights.
Set fire, burn bright.
Show the world its your time,
To shine. . .
Michael Sep 2018
Life is costly, With all the time we take.
We spend our lives worrying about what we’ll make.
But when it’s all said and done it’s all about the total spend.
We have a finite amount, And none to lend.
As sad as it is, time kills us all in the end.
So spend it wisely and create no waste.
Enjoy what you have and forgo the haste.
Our time here is fleeting.
Julian Delia Aug 2018
My heart
Feels like a frostbitten cave nobody should ever go in.
My soul
Feels exhausted, drained and spread really thin.
My mind
Feels like its fighting battles it can never win.

I find my thoughts
Consumed with anger and despair,
Evil feelings who have created a lair –
A base of operations within my mind,
Staring at the world with a terrifying glare.

And yet, despite all this,
Nothing kills me more than being alone.
This need to experience humanity
Is not simply an act of vanity,
Or a call for attention,
But an attempt at reclaiming sanity.

We are the loneliest generation of all time;
Previous overlords used force to rule,
And whoever didn’t follow was lambasted,
Marked as a traitor and a base fool.
Now, force is merely a tool,
One in many of a lethal arsenal.

Social hierarchies are fake, sometimes downright farcical –
Now, we are divided and conquered.
Our communities have collided,
Our love for each other is drained and flustered.
We are armed with shields of prejudice,
Careening towards a perilous precipice
Of watching out only for ourselves,
With no room in our hearts for anyone else.

I just wish I could let go –
I wish I was an atom of boiling water,
About to break free and become steam,
I wish to taste of true freedom,
To at least get one, tiny gleam.
I find myself weary, tired and trapped,
A torturous routine so well-travelled
That, at this point, I could say my brain has it mapped.

I close my eyes
And see visions of you I wish I could forget.
I wish I’d looked before I leapt,
Rather than live with this pain and regret.
I close my eyes, and see
Years of seeking somewhere I belong,
Brothers and sisters with whom I can stand strong.
All I seem to find
Is people struggling with their daily grind,
Souls that are just as tired as mine, if not more.

And so, I find myself
Dealing with this constant craving,
Ranting and raving,
Hoping that this frosty cave is still open to reclaiming,
Hoping that my soul is still worth saving,
And that my mind still finds this battlefield worth braving.
This feels like the breaking point.
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