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Aaryan sachdeva May 2016
You are the 'F' in my life.
Without you it's just a big
Aaryan sachdeva May 2016
It's deeper than you think
Faster than you blink
Brighter than the day
Darker than the night.
Blurier than the rain
Sharper than a knife
Works in different ways
The result is always the same
It retrieves a new topic
For your time to drain
It repeats itself again
After a certain time frame
As much as it works
  as much as it pains
You will never stop believing
In the decisions that it takes.
Just believe in it!
Aaryan sachdeva Apr 2016
I don't fall down
I get up everyday
With my eyes red
Filled with dreams night and day!
I walk upon my path
The one I've chosen to go
Not listening to the society
Going where I go
Before someone stops me
On this journey called life
I sleep upon my bed
Eyes shut feeling low....
Do more think less!

— The End —