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When time has been your enemy,
Reality makes you a slave of time,
What’s worth in you become the worse.
A smile that kept me walking each day
faded in my sight, from a citizen to fugitive
with my blood poison, my love has
climbed hills and mountains of passion,
fall and stumble in the hands of fate,
so weak that even my faith got lost,
roaming with no peace, A ‘lost’ Soul
Never have I ever tendered my resignation,
Life’s so great in my auspicious hopes,
With this robust arm of armor that blaze
overtime, Feeble as nothing overblown,
like a broken record oozing confidence,
feeling trapped and caged, dictated by
strain of my beloved compeer phases,
rendered those worth in me ungrateful,
devalued their opinion, as their grumpy
face say one thing “I wish things did not
change” living them depressed and stressed,
with me stuck in this covey of troubled souls,
trapped in an alley, a path of my last days,
like a deaf I was, I wish I never had sight.
With no ability to overcome.
Like dawn after darkness comes a light,
A dream that stall, I deem to fall and sleep
in too deep, as a moon that smile so bright,
gaze in passion!!! my sight so daze in peep,
never been weary in a lace of delicacy.
Engulf by a present that feel like a sip,
To all I construe in the realm of ecstasy.
Keeps me so close to ever feel that lip,
With glimpse of what’s not to be!! a skeptic,
Fantasy, flow as reprisal for mortal death
that speaks, deception of epic
limbo love before earth
Like a star falling from the sky ,
we are born through grace with the
sentiment of love and tenderness, our
hearts filled with joy and laughter in
the beauty of our smile from birth , we
are born and raised in love even when
we can't love back the love that loved us
ever since, hardships and heart break
changes us to the core, when darkness
rise in favor of failure and rejection, we
lean on redemption, yet still our hearts
drown in the stream of sorrows ,emotions
grow tall in the process we grow fond and
forget that our soul is the only source that
can reach the depth, length, breadth of love,
love has has become an ideal
IM NOT PERFECT I'm not a perfect person there are so many things I did and didn't do but I continue learning, as shield to my beloved ones, i shouldn't the reason they get hurt, if i did its being mortal and something i have to live with everyday, with wish that all the pain they've gone through vanish, be the one that catches the tears of my creation, like a broken toy life molded my imperfection as token of my fate, I'm not perfect person I lie, I cheat , make mistakes, I do all these bad possible things and wrong choices  ,although,  it's not like I did nothing good , we are just living in the world where people remembers 1 wrong doing and forget all the 99 things you've done right
from Mozambique to the belly of the queen mother Afrika,
we were born soldiers, strangled from the arms of our mothers,
strangers to our engraved fathers in their early graves,
starve and strive in the command of our commanders,climb
and fall hills of many mountains, with countless bodies i carried
in my arms, moved from one camp to another, with blood of my
comrades fled in the river, as crocodiles tumble and roles with
them, they scream and cried while we crossed the Crocodile River.
a refuge toe to giant Afrika our queen mother, this has become
our home too, regardless of the chaos we've rendered. i know no
memories but nightmare in the surface of Mozambique, they see the beauty of its minerals and crops, the tremendous sea and scattered
informal settlement for farming left by my people to south
Africa, but in true essence i see graves, grenades, and guns
buried in the bodies of my comrades from Mozambique to
south Africa and the struggle in between
In the beauty of these eyes I have a story to tell, We are born blind with no clue of what are eyes can do, the miracle light could bring ,life becomes a strange journey till our eyes learn to see, open wide the world is so infinite in these tiny eyes,sometimes our eyes tear our heart till we wish not to open them anymore, the things we see , the torture ,the experience , the torment that hunt and slay us bleeding till we wish, blessed are those in the realm of blindness. In the beauty of these eyes i have a story to tell, I have seen better, in the beauty of their blindness my eyes have seen much more exquisite creature a nature have made, deep down in those glowing eyes , I've seen a movie trail of treasured series, terrifying , sad, hopeless, joyful as they are, I've seen strength and bravery , as weak as I have been ,I've meet the mother of intelligence, a story teller, as many stories these eyes can tell there is no better story than the beautiful story these eyes have seen, in the beauty of these eyes I have story to tell.
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