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III Nov 2018
If I could freeze time,
Cease it's pass like the flow
Of a frosted over brook,
I'd find solace in the
Radiant warm of your embrace,

And I'd squeeze your hand
Tightly enough to feel
Our hearts beat against
Each other in the pulse
Of the veins of our fingers,

And we'd stare to the nighttime heavens,
It's inky blackness only rivaled
By the sleek straight of
Your hair I so adore
To tangle my hands in,

And the night sky would be
Spattered with illuminating dots
Burning silently in their stillness
Somewhere in the infinity
Of the cosmos,

And though they be
Millions, billions, trillions
Of miles away,
I look to your eyes
Shimmering in the basking moon,
And find an infinity
All our own,
Bundled up beside me
In the brisk hum of an unmoving night.
Anya Sep 2018
When a person is
Caught off guard
Is their natural
Or flight
Or freeze?

One can play it innocent
Backing off

Other times
One could play it cool
There’s nothing
Wrong with what I’m doing
And I ain’t moving gurl

Then, there’s the freeze
Just stop
Or don’t even speak
Um’s and
The other
To come to their
Own conclusion
So, which one do you do
Or fight
Or freeze?
Pep Sep 2018
You said that word to me again,
Told me that my face was fat.
Fat. Words that came out cold.
I used that bronzer,
To bring out my cheekbones,
It failed.
My cheeks stayed still,
Like ice, it's frozen.
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Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
I  write as time heals,
But the pain in my heart is yet fresh,
Words of yearning and love fall as raindrops on my paper,
My pen has more tears than ink.
I want you to know my Angel,
I want you,
I need you,
I still love you, only you,
You are embedded in my soul.
Say you love me too, my dove,
Give me joy so that tears freeze in my eyes,
Let your "Yes" be so enchanting that time stands still.
I promise to love you unconditionally,
With your faults, ayes and nos,
That each second spent together becomes lifetime of joy.
This is on behalf of my nephew who still loves his ex-girlfriend
miki Jun 2018
(we were) fire and ice.
polar opposites.
fire melts ice.
but does ice freeze fire?
Awtumn Jun 2018
She's cold to the touch,
But leaves fire in her wake.
And though he's warm,
He has eyes like ice.

They say opposites attract,
And these two seem wildly different,
But they're similar in the way
That destruction is their pasts.

She keeps to herself,
Allows her fire to burn her,
Because it hurts her so much
To know she's burned others.

And he has similar fears.
Afraid to hurt the ones he loves.
He pushes them away,
So his cold heart doesn't freeze theirs.

They could love each other endlessly,
Be exactly what the other needs,
But fears and doubt get in the way,
So for now they're just friends.
i shift
farther from freedom
when fueled by these flames.
i laugh
frightened by the fiction
that is a fabrication
of my favorite friday afternoon.
i grin
but it falters; it fades -
faster than my fears
on a quiet morning.
i freeze
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