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Juliana 3d
If you don't stay close,
you'll lose them.

I don't want to lose them.
They're brand new.
It's only been five years.
It can't be time, right?
It can't be time.

I've spent so long wanting
a big group of friends.
When I was little,
I had a giant group,
an imaginary group.
They always left at the end of playtime.

You, you don't leave.
I think of you when we're away.
I text you, I see you.
You're real.
Stay real.
Please, stay real.

I want to hangout,
I want to be friends.
Yes, school is over.
Yes, I am going away.

I will no longer get to ask what
we're doing in third period,
or what was that last step in the choreography.
But we can still eat ice cream.
We can still laugh, smile, and love.

We can still be friends.
The distance can't ruin that.
Or can it?
ruby May 9
so you made me choose
between losing myself and losing you

and I'm still here
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Went out last night,
With all friends,
And felt so bright..

So young we are,
Full of smile and hope..
Sleepy at twilight,
So dope at night..
Sahu loves to eat,
And hari can sing.
Baba pays the bill,
When panda only chill.
Pipi fights for food,
While khusbu takes a pic..

The weather was right,
Stars were shining bright.
The warmth of everyone's smile,
Just made my night.

Thanks to all,
I made a good memory,
Of NIT life.
i went out last night with my friends(sahu,hari,panda,baba,pipi,khusbu). I am expressing a memorable night of My NIT college life.
Jolan Lade Mar 2018
You are the captain of my lifeboat.
You are what keeps me afloat.
Even if im William Bligh, you will raise me high.
That one friend you really need.
Sisters are friends
They shop together
Share good times
and the bad times.
Support  each other through thick and thin.
They share a close bond
Never spiteful
But tender hearted
And loveable in every single way .
That's why God made sister's
Haruhi Feb 2016
This sadness is bottled up **** a nicely aged wine.
I going insane and trudging through the pain.
Mother, mother my friends are fine.
They would never let me stray.
Or fall behind.

I'm crying on the inside by showing off a smile.
My lies are the truths and my truths are lies.
I couldn't bare to see you mad or sad.

You've tried to make me a respectable young woman,
Tried to push me to the light,
But the monster in me is holding on tight.
Time and time again you've pulled me out,
But the madness is overwhelming consuming me inside.

It's not your fault.
But mine.
I'm the stain on your heart,
You can't rub off.

I still care even though I blew it.
I wouldn't be surprised if you walked out just like daddy did.
But that doesn't matter now.
I'll go to sleep shut my mouth.
But in the morning don't expect me to be sitting there on the couch.
I don't know what to say....
If anyone needs someone to talk to I'm here! ^.^
I'm a good listener! I swear! <3
Greyson Fay Aug 2015
i look at you and i’m wondering if you feel angry or cheated
(i know i do) because you threw all of us away
for the new unknowns
but the unknown never came
and all you're left with is the same people
but not the same friends.
kelly huckle Jul 2015
What is the true meaning of freindship
Not to care how much money you have
Accept each other for who they are
Be there for them without wanting
Enjoy each others company
making each other smile when we feel sad.
When life is stressful having a genuine friendship  makes the load
I haven't experienced true friendship
but long for a true friend.
Oh hey!


What did you say?

I said Hi

Oh, I see, so you're that type of guy.

What? What do you mean?

Come on man, lets not make a scene!

Wait, are rhyming my words??

Well of course not, that's just absurd!

You just done it again!

I done what Ken?

My name isn't even Ken, will you just shut it?

I don't know what you mean? Am I being a ***?

Yes you are, what's up with you? You're normally shy??

Don't say that you'll make me cry.

***, if you don't shut up I'll punch you!

How rude!

Erm, that didn't even rhyme?

Awh crap!
Emily Jun 2015
He was the night sky
so dark and alone
but he held stars within his bones
He was the ocean
mysterious and deep
sinking his boxes of secrets to keep
He was a war
at battle with life
falling in love with the world and a knife
He was a lover
he was a friend
and someone I hope will find peace in the end
Day #5
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