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Chicken Feb 28
Those who
cannot accept my beard,
I’ll bin em.
It’s time for truth.

Those who
Know me saw straight through
I’ll listen to em
No more arguing in the booth.
This is kind of a script thing. Based on observation. A power struggle.

I witnessed many a man being harangued about ****** hair. Such a crime.

So, I wrote about this by putting myself in their shoes. I’ll do the other side one day, cause they say there are three sides to every 'story', yours, theirs, and the truth :D.

It is based on a man who's love interest is a domineering user type who saw kindness as weakness. Man does not see this yet. His closest confidants have all seen it, and mentioned it, creating temporary conflict between the friends.

Woman now hates his new ****** hair, his beard, and wants him to get rid of it and he does not understand why, his beard is cool, besides, if she loves me, the beard would not matter, right?

Man realizes, it must not be love, loeve, love... and makes it up with his long time crew who knew all along.

Receiving less attention, woman naturally falls away to another 'project' in which she may try to achieve more grip.

Note: this is not a judgement about every dislike of a beard, there are various potentials.. this is an observation of a single instance.
Temporal Fugue Oct 2018
It's easier to tell people what they want to hear
than to hurt and maim with the truth
not wanting to deliver the blow and the fear
providing evidence and the inevitable proof

Some people seek it for attention
confirmation they're shunned and abused
just always there, on vacation
as everyone around them, is used

Playing the game passive and angry
flashing eyes that lie, with a smile
all at the same time, pure lazy
a lack of panache and/or of style

It's a no win scenario
day in and all day out
watching them scheme
as always the innocent victim
un-pious and falsely
A co-worker, whose name shall remain unsaid, always needs to go to the bathroom when the nightly paper work needs done for closing.
I, ignored the pleas on the intercom for me to return to the gun bar, as it was time for the usual "bathroom break" from this individual. When I returned, eventually, to find he still had not completed the paperwork, as he chastised me for not coming to relieve him so he could go invisible for the rest of the evening, so he couldn't do the paperwork. The manager made him do the paperwork, this is only a small portion of this story, I hate long stories LOL ;D
there is
Nicole Alyssia Sep 2017
the only
used by
an abhorrent
parasite in
selecting a host
to extract from is

who has the most
to take from
and who is most
readily available

nothing more,
nothing less.
Alan S Bailey Jan 2016
I am the cleanest, most thoughtful
Most caring one around that I know
Not giving one selfish desire my time,
Only hard working, dedicated and here
To be there to keep things in line,
So feel free to give me extra criticism,
To make me "walk on egg shells,"
I try so hard, I'm just so poor,
But who cares, I'm the worst because
Of some ****** argument at a door.
WARNING: this poem is REAL content. Yea, a rant poem. Won't get more than 20-50 views...but at least I'm writing down "the bones," what's actually on my mind, instead of what phony material OTHERS want to read.
S Smoothie Dec 2015
It's a painful stretch to re-loving
Gargoyles in clusters clutch at my heart
Talons pierced and locked wings wrapped upon layers
Pulling each one away takes insufferable self violence
Just to clear a small space to let you through
Too many years of inequity
have placed needs burning in my heart  
you struggle to relinquish your control,
Your gift of consideration is noted.
Your changes have exceeded my expectations
Though we are nowhere near even.
Still, I play it peachy,
Your tenderness, your keeness to please me
Is unnerving,
too little,  too late
Your heart whispers squeal like whistles in the hunt
Unsettling the watchdog beasts
Growling and snarling
Clawing tighter at the leather pith of a stone heart
Your own needs are barking
Your expectations are going to be laid,
I'm letting blood Before your debt is even paid
It's going to be different this time...
Claws tighten, wings gripping tighter
Artehoke heart,
just another set up
I keep anticipating the fall.
I go on pretending in the hope It will become real
Your darkness permeates
your dark love kills
Still, there's something about you
I can't live without.
Folder the kind of pain love rubs in your face
Autumn Nov 2015
I'm a bystander.
An invisible casualty.
I get caught in the wave of destruction
With no siren to warn me,
no life raft to save me.
I'm on my own.

When I drown in the tidal wave of users
I like to pretend a hand plunges for me.
I know it's a lie.
It's just me, pulling for air.
And a piece of me breaks.
Every time.
The dating scene is hard.

— The End —