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Jayantee Khare May 2018

Empty of yourself
From the deepest
Let the air flow through
In controlled way, blow through
Like a flute
Now play your tune
In your lune
Sing and dance plenty
What an ecstasy!

A flute, when empty, plays the tune we like...
BA Khan Sep 2017

I am the flute,
And I am the wind,
I blow through its chute,
I make its tune so cute,
If thou are of the love,
Must listen to it now,
And will know its creed,
For in reed lies its magnificent breed.

(BA Khan) 28-5-08
Mane Omsy Aug 2017
Breathe of mind relaxing
Inhaling deep, waving the head
See-saw along with the flow
When it pitches the high note
Notice my eyebrows frowning with stress
Sweetness with a slight smile
Imagining a brighter view
No illusions, just the wind
Blowing low to the green fields
The flute kept the balance
Rhythmic taste of a China flute
The flute with small calm to a high pitch is a beautiful music to enjoy inside our head with the eyes closed.
Cheyenne Yacono May 2017
Click clack click*
We left the comfort of the amethyst curtain
Onto the stained wooden stage
The room is wide and filled with echoes
I stare into the red seats where identical faces sit
They show no emotion and I want them to feel
Feel anger, joy, sadness, something
My instructor paces across the stage towards the microphone
Suddenly the words that were to follow turn into muffles
All I can hear is my heart beat
They sound like quarter notes
The muffles end once my instructor is back in my sight
He exhales and smiles
The burning lights make him look like a god
He raises the baton and I forget everything
We play the keys robotically but we breathe humanity
The notes trace our fingers and play your heart strings
Our slurs curve your lips into a smile
We want you to feel joy
We want you to remember childhood memories
It's not just kids with instruments
There are stories being told
We put our life into the instruments
We remember being called fools
And how we were wasting our time
We tell you our stories through these notes
Hoping you will feel what we felt
But we'll never know until the final note
When the baton goes down and we bow to the crowd
It's exhilarating
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
Just a dew drop, let alone the sea,
and a handful of earth, not the Planet Ge.
Not a shade of blue, save the rose for bee
Purely a clear drop didn’t spill in the core,
because the whole sphere feels the pinch.

Singing chorus rains down, bouncing back
to earth the only open-through planet.
No black hole is as deep as the sun jumps,
dives in the dew on every flower they wet.
Every bird in the trees sings and tweets,
yet one is stone quiet, shouldn’t even hiss.
Shh! shh, the sleeping beauty is sleeping!

Cut above the rest, the unique earth
brimming with the infinite finishing line
by design pans out to the transcended pi.
Pure spring, the waterfront by the Moon,
untouched, unspoiled is her swimming pool.

How she goes by, wetting her ****** toe
Only to bubble high up the transcended circle
If only the sun could rise high in that pole,
for the rest of species could sneak a peek.
She’s there with the capstone of the pyramid!

Shots beyond the fixed circle, netting the eyeballs.
The stars, the Moon on the move for pure freedom.
The thrilled earth did come out, smelling of roses
Off the golden cut pi-decimal-abyss digital spring.
With a handful of earth and a drop of water dew
This is a pure mirroring thanks to the original, you!

At the end of the string apt you took her by hand
She took it in emptying her heart and soul
Earth is now too thin on stock, she is no more
Just a shadow, a 360-degree hollow flute!
Oh light at the end of the tunnel shine and show
Play in like in the Night of Ascending once more!
This is a poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
Mary-Eliz Mar 2017
In a dream a spider swallows a snake and
like  a
giant yellow sunflower being  kissed   by
                                                                ­ bees
                                                            ­     who
dance  wildly  with the  wind  as  it  turns
anticipation.   The  snake  charmer   plays
                                                           ­         his
                                                    ­              tune.
The  spider  dances,  rising up,  stretching,
Her  legs
disappear, drawing   into  her  body where
                                                           ­         they
                                                   ­                 turn
into a flickering tongue that protrudes from
She wriggles in her dance; her tongue waves
                                                           ­         in the
                                                             ­       air to
the melody, begins  to sing a  sultry,  hissing
the charmer's flute begins to move, undulating
                                                      ­                  to her
                                                             ­           song's
cadence.   And the charmer is himself charmed.
in a trance as his snake-flute wraps itself around
                                                          ­                    him
                                         ­                                     and
the  spider  looking  li­ke a  snake swallows them
in every note
the music
of the seductive flute
to love's ear
all embracing
the beauty
is to hear
with a chord
a tone
You are my life and how can I compromise on life
So for your sake I will fight till the last drop of blood
If I fail to defend you I will use my poisoned knife
But I will not leave you to any violent killing flood

My sweetheart you have taken all from me in a leap
So now I travel in you and along you like your shadow
I do not mind if area is difficult or like ridge so steep
With you I will make you grow and glow in every row

Let me take you in front of a mirror to see your charms
Let it tell you what wonderful treasure you carry along
Let me embrace you and kiss you time and again in arms
Let me play with flute of the lips, let me sing love song

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Tommy Randell Nov 2016
Forging such an image fascinates me,
See the page where the war of notes is finally won,
She becomes The Silver Spear rising through a blue sky.

Letting her heart soar, fingers released of all gravity
She reels in azure, drowning us in wordless phrases from a language
Catholic ancestors sing through shining faces,

Experimental and modern despite tradition's roar.
I am left to Imitate the stance of a boxer drinking at the bar
Struggling to hold on, to be the victory this moment is for.

Late on the road, later Saturday night,
A drunk going home like he's carrying a horse,
Like some Celtic Saint under a Celtic curse.

Played out, I know she lives where I can only ever dream
And am left to lay back on the bed
With a half smile playing out the battles being fought in me,

That of all lovers the flute is the one
Makes off with my soul, the flute is the one
Knows best a future I may yet become.
As beauty is love's fruit so beloved is lover's flute
Both travel hand in hand on same beautiful route
My beloved you are so charming ,wonderfully cute
My conscience dictates to my heart and life you suit

Song of love blooms all the deserts in to real garden
My love my sweetheart your beauty makes me stun
Less you in this world there is no one like you none
We both are now reached to the point of no return

Let us conquer the world with power of real affection
Let be totally enthralled in love passion and fashion
Let my sweetheart complete our task just one by one
My love is sacred like book you have sanctity of nun

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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