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yann Feb 2
when the wind pierces through
my skin, gently,
mouth resonating, I sing.

teeth crackling, rumbles of words
pieces of answers, pieces of mind,
little melodies, I speak.

winter, your harsher airs
creeping through my soft tissues,
bones lonely, I mute myself.

fingernails peeling off, shaking,
puking my insides, cold notes,
cold loves, cold leaves,
cold fears, I shrink.
02.02.23 rough year, huh ?
yann Jan 30
teach me how to live again, i beg you
forgive me for my impatience and tie me up
    into a better creator, a well rounded friend, any-
    Thing. please, correct me, hold my body right.
time has left me to be all alone in a crowded world,
each of my synapses betraying my will to move
    inside it, surrounded by other fools surviving on
    empty. just like me ! are you just like me. am i
Alone. am i
alone, love, am i alome. love. am i alove. am i alone.
i am alone. i am alone.
yann Jan 30
maybe i can't be creative because i don't
have a life
maybe i can only exist as an artist when i remember
to exist as a being first
but breathing isn't so fun these days,
the dip in my bed, the one in my stomach,
the one in my chest,
i could make art out of more painful endeavours,
but what about emptiness ?
yann Jan 30
you want to steal it all for yourself
you can't steal 𝑚𝑒 !
i'm all i have.

     I can’t take love and I can’t take its absence.
     I have everything, take none of it.
     I feel sorry for loving too much, I feel sorry for not loving enough,
     I feel sorry for the hope I create in everybody’s chests,
     The smashing realization that it won’t ever come true.

                    Même si je ne sais pas trop quoi en faire et je ne peux pas
                    toujours recevoir le tiens, j'ai beaucoup d'amour pour toi.
11.12.22, somewhere in between, and then 20.01.23.
yann Jan 30
Proper lines at their proper place,
And in perfect time if you could,
Please, that would be great.
Rightful colors at their rightful place,
And in record time, if you
Sped up just a little, just a little.

I seem to have noticed your arms look slugghish,
Maybe you should add a bit of cafeine to your coffe.
I think we should get someone else,
Your dead eyed stare
Might start to affect morale 'round here,
Maybe you could go home a little earlier,
Without cutting at your hours.

Have you tried being glad for the opportunity ?
Have you tried being happy for the food on your table ?
What do you mean you wish for more ?

Meaning isn't part of your work, you know,

Proper Lines, and Rightful Colors, with
a Smile on your Face, a Bright, Happy, fried Coworker.

(we do want you quieter)
10.12.22 - being a machine
yann Dec 2022
for all that you've given to the world,
i hope somebody is holding you at night.
27.11.22 - ah... i want to comfort a stranger with bird bones
yann Dec 2022
what does it feel like to be human
where does difference melt into companionship
how many bridges will i continue to burn,

     why do i exist
             in this small, small frame
                        when will i be enough
                                                                      as me.
somewhere in novembre 2022
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