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blood moon
under the rowan tree
autumn berries
Alia Dec 2019
The moon is rising red tonight
The sun is setting golden
All I need do is turn my head
To see the moon rise, to see the sun fall

The sun so brilliantly bright
The moon is so dark compared to the sun
Tonight, though it shines blood red
It still cannot compete with the sun's light

Of course the moon cannot compete
It’s light’s a mere reflection of the sun
And soon, I know, this light shall leave
The earth, us, will block the moon’s light

And our light is also but a reflection
Hannah Apr 2019
There is noone above me
Beside me
Infront of me
I am my own anarchy
My inner soul of
Wisdom for that I have lived
For long and
Suffered twice as much
I wandered through the
Gazing abyss,
Flashlights of every submarine
I swim with my inner coward
The color of your eyes
Has been withdrawed
In the arms of sleep on a
Moonless night. On a
Windy day
Thunderstorm took me away.
Jade C Apr 2019
We are cyclic beings
Living under our cyclic mother 
We howl to her and she turns red
Our cheeks and finger tips blush
Like a cherry 
Like blood 
Like a fire with a heart
We become her
We bleed, we ovulate, we phase 
In an infinity loop
(Mirror images, round, fertile energies)
Becoming and unbecoming
Tommy Randell Jan 2019
So, the rings of Saturn are new,
In the scheme of things, a novelty!
I wonder what that means to the few
Who cling to the beliefs of Astrology?

Now we've got a blood red eclipse
And the Moon has acquired star billing?
Leading of course to The Apocalypse
And our future being totally thrilling!

Those things up there aren't any more round
Than they have been all of our history!
Come on people, don't look up look down,
There's a world right here needs fixing.
Neuvalence Jan 2019
Under the light of the moon
I'll spin the sands through the air
To pull the tides and travel oceans
I'll cover the night with glistening stars
For they can reflect on the waters below
And I'll free the night in a crimson red
To silhouette howling wolves and
Maidens patiently sitting in the night
"Blood Moon"
Khoi Aug 2018
The black southeaster peaks
Mothers rain down on dead kids
Criminality and gangsterism rule
In this crack infested cesspool
Blood moon's rising on the Cape flats
The tide must turn or the place
Will burn
A sad true Story
The police must patrol 500 people to1 officer
In some areas while our lives and the lives
Of our children is under constant threat
Whilst the politicians debate over deploying
The army the community is currently protesting on our streets in defying
Gangsterism these protests are knife-edged

The black southeaster is a freak weather pattern that brings heavy rain and extreme winds that often causes havoc on the Cape flats blood moon is when the full moon passes through earth's darkest shadow it
usually displays a reddish colour
Written by Khoi San 29/08/2018
moon-kissedstar Jan 2018
Between our short breaths and sighs,
Even with some tears in my eyes
Never will, I ever hate -
Joy you bring, brought by fate

All I could see, your face oh so clear,
Magic dazzled, you make my thoughts unclear
Indeed, much believed you're one of my fears,
New to my skin, I crave for your warmth; please be near.

Careless, cared more than how I should,
Especially for you,  I give all I could
Not even my words. oh it's nothing good,
Through my skin and flesh, you see me more than just ****.

Oh heavenly, quench my thirst-
Please me with your language of the universe
Ah! My love, make love with my soul -
Immensely, *I am in awe.
BC, I hate that I love you; and you'll hate me for loving you.
Speak easy
Hit the peace pipe
Hate is fleeting

Don't make a peep
Hear the sounds
Draining around you
Feel my silk skin
And forget




Dear blood of my blood
Moon and my stars,
Do you really
Have what it takes
..To be wild
Truly and irrevocably wild
With me
And Leave everything behind
Sometimes I doubt if I do
But I need to be your hero
So there's no room for second guessing
All there is to do is just
Lately I've been booting with leaving society like I've always wanted, bit fear and anxiety get in the way. And starting a new relationship during all this is not the best idea .. But i know I've been given this prize for a reason and it's always easier and more fun with a partner. Hopefully I'll find out the know-how here shortly
TKO Jul 2016
Bonding beneath a Bloodmoon
Stuttering starlight of June
Waves that trace a salted line
Ever-changing sand with time

A loon calls from afar
As the wind responds in kind
Whispering wonders of the stars
Projecting our peace of mind

Bodies shrouded in darkness
If not for the afterglows
Speaking words in silence
Ruby kisses on the nose

Two silhouettes on the horizon
A glorious, glistening red
With nimble waves to guide them
They'll continue to forge ahead
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