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Here We Are,
Our First Days On This Earth
Spent Together As Friends Until The End.
Our Childhood So Well Entwined, Our Souls Seem To Bind.
But Life Is Full Of Change               And Sometimes We Must
See That Maybe We Can't                Always Be Together Today
    So We Are Forced To Grow               Apart From One Another As  
   Our High School Days Come              To An End, The Colleges Say    
     Time To Go Our Own Way               To Live For Ourselves, Alone. 
   Study And Learn And Then               We Earn Our Degrees. Hurray. 
     I Marry, We Love, We Build             For Ourselves A Life Apart      
  This Is So Until That Day Our             Paths Happen To Cross Again 
          As We Shop At The Store,             We Get To Talking And Learn  
We're Both Expecting And It Is Time To Return.
Rekindle Our Friendly Spark So That Our Kids
Can Spend Their First Days On This Earth
As Friends Until The End.
Anthony Smith Jun 30
The evening air
The smell of pine
The grass tickles

Perched on the edge
Looking out
Over the city,
See the lights.

Olive, they call her
Because of her hair
That rustic green
Defines her now.

A gentle breeze
The strands sway
A gentle sigh
She is at peace

The moonlight shines
Through her emerald eyes
Her skin so pale; she looks so frail

Nothing to do
She’s free to ponder
To aspire, to wonder
To watch the bees

As the sun sets lower
And the shadows grow long

A final sigh, she calls it a night
But she’ll be back, as soon as there’s light.
To rest once again
In nature’s delight.
Anthony Smith Jun 30
A steady heartbeat,
A silent breath,
A Slowing clock.

They’re watching; waiting.
Take the shot, Take the cup.

The timer counts down


Vision blurred
Heart racing
Sweat dripping
Head swaying
The floor rises


They’re watching; running.
Come on, get up. Take the shot.

Silence. Darkness. Peace.

Flashing lights
Sirens crying; howling
Voices everywhere
Hands touching

And in.

Count down for me
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Open your eyes, Take the shot.

Dimly lit, shed the tears.



Mother’s here
Don’t leave me, dear


Did we win


You took the shot.

Beep. Beep. Beep.
This started with the image of tiny melancholic glass shards tinkering to the ground, perhaps as though in defeat. That image was condensed into a single word, shatter. And from there the poem grew.
Anthony Smith Jan 2018
A Word

            There you are
                Sitting so peacefully,
                    Typing away at your keyboard.

            I'm gazing upon your beauty,
                Wishing for more.
                    Will you notice me?

            "Come look at this."
                You say to me, so I walk on over to see,
                    A video and nothing more.

A Sentence

            We meet again; months have passed as
                We look around this new class.
                    It is with recognition that we sit together.

            Day after day, week after week,
                We listen, we chat, we study and test.
                    Together we learn what this man has to teach.

A Paragraph

            Help, you're in need of
                A babysitter with no time to wait.
                    "Can you help me?"

            I'm here for you, happy to help!
                Time and again, I'll watch her for you.
                    Such a delight, she shows me the light.

            Our friendship grows with each passing day
                A coffee, a visit, a walk, a lunch break,
                    Our bond grows stronger as time passes us by.

A Page

            The child already knew,
                Long before either of us.
                    Until a friend asks and we're together at last

            No longer hiding it from ourselves,
                We begin to move forward as
                    Hand in hand, we tackle this world.

            We run, we play, we date, we love.
                With smiles and tears, and hugs and kisses,
                    With texting at night, and calling all day.
            Soon we find our own way, an apartment just for us,
                We've a family to raise, and experiences to make as
                    Our numbers grow with a baby on the way.

A Chapter

            Sickness befalls you, this pregnancy is hard,
                But I'll care for you as we fight for our child and
                    Together we will make it through.

            Every day that I watch you lying in bed
                I am wishing I could take this pain from you
                    But all I can do is stand by and try to help.

            So many hospital visits, so many needles,
                Until the day we have been striving for arrives.
                    Today our son will join us in the light.

            He has left you so weak, you can barely stand.
                As you recover, time goes on and our love grows stronger
                    Until, sure in my decision, I buy the ring.

An Epic
            A picnic in peace among the trees.
                A question I ask, your eyes full of joy
                    A tackle more than a hug, yes of course you will.
            We tell the littles, the excitement grows and
                We begin to plan, how will it go?
                    Hurry not, we have time to decide

            A quiet ceremony to follow,
                A Monday dressed in purple
                    I do, and so do you.

            Smiles and love from all around us,
                We feel it in our hearts, we're on the right track
                    It is time to move forward, no looking back.

A Novel

            We find a bigger home and are
                Settled at last, our rhythm restored,
                    We live happily for awhile until...

            A rumble, a quake,
                Our world begins to shake,
                    Filling with judgement, blame, anger and hate

            We begin to fight, to dissipate.
                We heal and break, time after time.
                    We're both wearing thin.

            Do we stay together?
                Do we put up a fight?
                    Do we make the call, will it be alright?

            Looking for a resolution
                We tried to make it work but
                    Every attempt only made it worse,

An Ending

            I have given up, I've let go of hope.
                I have stopped the clock, it ticks no more.
                    We couldn't keep it up, we've broken down.

            Although your tears hurt me,
                They do not persuade
                    And it is with a heavy heart that I walk away.

An Epilogue

            I've moved out, we have gone our ways.
                But I am not gone, my kids shall not be without.
                    Yet come today, I find there's no going back

            We've fought our fights and talked our talks,
                We'll find our new rhythm and learn to coexist,
                    But we both know that things will never be the same.

            Our past is what makes us, we would never undo it
                Now at a distance we stand, no longer hand in hand
                    As we gaze over the horizon and look to the future.
Anthony Smith Aug 2017
Her hair is red on a cotton dress of blue
Her voice has that spice that makes me a fool
But the hair is falling, the dress now a gown
The honey ***'s gone shallow, you're leaving town
Shadows have overcome, the sky's begun to pout
We have come to learn that you are on your way out
My world begins to shake, the walls continue to crumble
Once again on your feet, you begin to stumble
Your eyes stil sparkle, your lips quiver
You cannot be saved from what's within your liver
You once said to me "Don't cry when I flee"
If I do not, what will that make of me?
The years we have walked; the miles we traveled
The laughs we talked; the secrets kept raveled
I wish to carry you away from the light
Take your hand and help you win this fight
A turn for the worst was the doctor's vote
The memory of you I shall forever tote
The hair is on the floor, the dress hung out to dry
Buy tell me my darling, why must you die?
Anthony Smith Jul 2017
Little Agnes sits alone hugging beloved teddy tight.
The lights have gone, the sun long since fallen.
The sickly odors fill the room.

Creaking floorboards, the foundation settles,
the howling wind and tapping branches.
A shudder deep traces her spine.

Mommy had gone away again. Off to work she claims.
Agnes knows the truth, one she mustn't share.
She knows more than she ought, costing precious sleep.

The minutes drag on, each an hour long
whispers of her mind growing stronger.
The words have formed, now to invoke.

Majka živi, ​​majka saznaje.
Ovo je igra koju neću igrati.

Round and round, Agnes chants.
Again and again the words repeat.
Echos shake the walls; rattle her soul.

Precious child, corrupted now.
Mr. Teddy begins to grow.

Eyes glow crimson, fangs sharpened.
Ears pull back as rumble becomes growl
Teddy will keep her safe, at the peril of those who would disagree.

The door **** turns, creaking hinges
announcing mommy's return.
She calls for little Agnes, summoning to her side.

Tonight Agnes does not respond, does not come.
Holler again to no avail, mommy begins to search.

Down the hallway, second on the right.
Reach for the handle that meets with mommy's hip
as the door bursts to splinters.

Mr. Teddy is on duty, mommy screams amidst the fangs and claws
ripping at the flesh.
Pain and terror overcome as she gazes past her demise, little Agnes sitting there with her baby blue eyes.
The last she will ever see as darkness overcomes.
The pain fades, the sounds lost, farther and farther into eternal night.
Mommy breaths no more.

Still Agnes sits, watching her guardian shrink back down.
His eyes dull, fangs recede,
Growl returns to rumble and fades altogether.
His job complete.

Slowly standing, precious Agnes crosses to the door.
She kneels next to mommy and pulls beloved teddy from her chest.
Back to the bed, holding teddy tight.
Agnes breathes a sigh of relief and calmly falls asleep.
Anthony Smith Jun 2017
This one, signed as myself and not my pen name, is a new step for me, I've never really put myself into my work, but this one is all me. Thus, it is called:


Life moves on
and things become too real.
A wife. Kids. Career.
It’s too much, I want to run away.

Everything has changed with
my position in the world.
I’ve never fit in
Always the freak who knows no limits,
the one who sits alone and minds his own.

Never understood, never accepted.
Now a husband, a dad, still the same.
Always covering up myself; hiding
behind wit and cruelty.

A shield to disappear into,
Afraid to be me; to send up alone.
I used to know who I was but
now I’m not so sure.

It seems I have my life sorted out,
but am I really happy?

A question I always find myself asking
but can never answer.
I don’t think anyone knows the meaning of happiness,
or if it really exists.

Tonight I found myself holding her close,
and as I rested my head on her chest,
I quietly try not to cry.

It’s hard sometimes to keep it all in,
to hold strong so as not to lose myself,
it’s why I write as I do.

An outlet through a pen is all I have,
only the page wont judge,
won’t declare me a freak,
won’t know that something is wrong with me.

The thoughts I have,
my inability to empathize with other’s pain and loss.
It makes me wonder if I’m right for this world.

I’ve been to two funerals,
one I barely knew, the other I held dear.
And lost a grandfather who meant everything,
yet I never shed a tear.

I used to think that it was because I am strong,
but now maybe that isn’t so.

Who am I really?
I think I need to know.
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