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Star BG Jun 14
with dancing fingers and a flick of wrist,
I put thoughts to screen.

They pulsate aimed at eyes in shades
of rainbow hues.

REDS may launch emotions
While GREEN are words that carry healing.
BLUES are the scenes worth traveling in.
And White are like star-light phases
meant to light up hearts.

The color spectrum is endless
like universe that houses guides
to lead hands.

The breath is the key to unleash energies
that hug in moment.

With dancing fingers I march
sharing the parade of words
meant to be gifted to those who gather.
Just a thought on a precious day.
Goose pimple on the skin.
Soft tips of the fingers.
Touching by my skin.
The Union in ecstasy.
The heat of bodies.
Interlacing of the souls.
Intersection of the minds.
Slow love melody.
Silence sounds of joy.
Lynnia May 22
I write myself raw, like a poison
Bite through my brain, what a present
Present your gifts and bask in this splendor
Splendid how the stars align
A lie, a lie, and a line I crossed
I’m fine, I’m fine, catch this fire I tossed
I’ll terminate my tension with porcelain pressure
Still as the pool of blood I spill
Too hard to ****, like Prometheus
Shorn shadows, insides torn out
And the dark, the dark, it’s after me
Catch me please
No, don’t— I’m fine
c Apr 30
Tell me
What’s your endgame plan?
You snap your fingers
And I melt in your hand
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
I wish I
Could rescue us
Avengers Endgame was so good!
aarbirb Apr 25
drifting through
a sea of stars,
my fingers trace each one
as if
your skin is sprinkled
with flecks
of gold.
also about the same theater boy haha
Carmen Jane Apr 4
Like the columns of the Parthenon,
You keep your fingers on the table
I know , I know, you want to make a point
You say life is short, we have to live a little
Then those fingers,become a comb
For my hair that you want to touch,
Right after our hug, when you smelled it
You ask me  if it's a new shampoo,
Yes it is, I am glad you noticed
Then, we wave a basket
Out of our fingers, intertwined
When we hold hands
We left our sodas, unfinished on the table
Because there is no time to waste
We are in a hurry, my love
To get married and have a couple of kids
And now we watch those little fingers
Playing with the paints
Using all the colors of the rainbow,
Unbeknownst to them,
They are painting our hearts.
I always start with the first line, and from there I am surprised myself what I have just wrote. Thank you for your patience with my scribbles :)
Jaxey Mar 30
i inhaled sharply
as if our fingers sliding together
was the breath of fresh air
i never knew i needed
i don't think i breath when im not with you
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