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Faraway Eyes Mar 2016
The pain behind 2 pairs of far away eyes...
The pain given from the same guy..

She gave him her all,
She made him her everything,
But pushed away was all she's ever been.
Kissing the lips that lied and destroyed her..
Holding the hands that were harmfully layed upon her.
Once passionate love making,turned to harshful punishment.
Your manipulating lies brought you laughter,
It absolutely sickens me you continued after the birth of our daughter.

She was an unexpected miracle to her mother,
She couldn't be what saved her father.
Shes innocent in everyway.
Heart broken by the abandonment her father threw her way.

But he swears that there's love..
Where's the proof ?..
Not in his actions when he's still actin like a g**f.

The full truth needs to come out and actions need to be proved.
You can't expect to see a child youve done all this too.
Your worse than a stranger,
All that's known is your a danger.
Hiding from your warrant,
Surrounded by jibtecs and underage kids.

I'm not the deadbeat,
Sweetie that's you..
Congratulations on bailing on child #2.

You swear left and right how wrong I am,
But what you've chosen to do instead of the right thing tells me everything..

This tough momma bear needs to move forward,
My baby girl and I deserve a whole new beginning.
Faraway eyes watching lost hopes go bye...
Lost hopes Feb 2016
My family
**** I wonder
Everyday if their ok
But look
It doesn't matter what I say
Cuz they don't understand
What it takes to spew this energy
All over this loose leaf, ohh my
Look at that guy
"He don't even know what he's saying"
"He must be going crazy"
But I been there done that
still got the ****
Oh whoa I forgot what I got there
Lost hopes Oct 2015
I used too feel whole
Bowl after bowl
I'd watch my life each day
Just vaporize
Or go up in smoke
I gag and I choke
I sleep and I puke
When's it enough
I made out twice
It wasn't by fluke
Once to coke the other too ice
It wasn't till near death I realized
I need to wake up
And stop acting victimized
Too my surprise
*I get too see another day
Lost hopes Oct 2015
Remember the warmth of our body
No one else can tame and control me
Other than the ones I know as family
It's sad to see
The way you act is so empty
And it really ***** with things
That pain tho it really stings
I wish you fucken knew
The things I wouldn't Fucken do
Lost hopes Oct 2015
It doesn't matter if your winning when your living
Or if you **** around with life that you've been given
Just know your souls on a mission
Either it's in intermission strung out with addiction
Or its heading in the right direction  

Now I'm not a preacher or a reverend
But take it from a personal lesson
This isn't a form of aggression to steal all your attention
Was wrote just for me to mention

"You are all important, stay strong and don't let up"
Lost hopes Oct 2015
I remember a time
When I would sleep just fine
Our bodies all in a twine
Got butterflies just saying youre mine
If there was a chance I could go back
I'd get it right
Just like the first time :(
Lost hopes Aug 2015
I'm not actually here
I'm self destructive and angry
I write cuz words wont ever betray me
So don't try and slay me
We're all mortal men - nothing to fear
So listen up
I want you too hear
I'm dead inside
Locked in a cage or a cell
I can't decide
My mind unwinds or gets twisted up
I'm confused it's hard to tell
I almost fell
Went stumbling
I'm wobbling
I'm going home I'm fucken done
Peace ✌
Lost hopes Aug 2015
It used to be you that id need
Its only my demons you wanna feed
I'm on my knees
Begging please
I wish I could breathe
Lost hopes Aug 2015
I miss your touch
I miss your eyes
I miss the way we used to smile
I smoke my ****
Just too help forget its been awhile
What I wouldnt do to be beside you
Inside you
But clearly you got other **** too do
I realized you replaced me
Im not able to compete with technology
One day I hope you actually love me
Actually miss me
And actually need me
Until than Ill remain lonely

               <3 I love you more than my words can say
I know its too late but its the truth.
Lost hopes Aug 2015
Stop the fighting
And useless bickering
You say you love me
You say you want our family
But all you can do is judge
Call me names and make demands
And still expect me to budge
Telling me lies and orderin commands
While you been holding a grudge
I been trying to make things better
But it doesn't seem to get no better
I did everything you told me too
But no matter what it never seems to be enough for you

<3 no one will ever be able to take your place :'( I miss you
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