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death is a fairytale


Alex Halligan Aug 2014
When does faith become fairytale?
And would be heroes
Take to the stage to say their piece
Who will listen, who will take note?
Put them on a pedestal
And see what we can learn.

When does faith become fairytale?
When the dragons being slain
Are the people who don't believe
In the same ideals
But think for themselves
When does faith become fairytale?

When does faith become fairytale?
Is it when the happily ever after
Comes at the cost
Of innocent lives lost
Is YOUR faith a fairytale?

When there is no happily ever after
And all the dragons have been slain
When the heroes turn their poison tongues
And whisper to your ear
Who will be left
To think for themselves
And turn this world around
Will they see through the false facade
But teach to no avail?
When does faith become fairytale?
Steph  Nov 2014
Steph Nov 2014
december 2011:
soulmates? something out of a fairytale!
handsome Prince Charming and the sweet Princess
are unlikely childhood sweethearts
their scripted fate tucked away under my bed.
april 2012:
soulmates? it’s just like in the fairytales.
we flirted with chance but knelt on destiny
my eyes were bright and wide as
true love’s first kiss hangs promised in the air.
april 2013:
soulmates? the fairytale wasn’t mine.
I tried to fill in the gaps with ice cream and picnics
but we were a jigsaw puzzle missing half its pieces.
don’t worry, I thought, I am still so very young.
july 2013:
soulmates? the fairytale forgotten
I threw myself at people hardly worth the toss
mistakenly discarding pieces of myself
I didn’t expect to need later
november 2013:
soulmates? a fairytale of treachery.
you sleeping beauty, wide awake
I tore myself to shreds on your wall of thorns
tread carefully, for fate is a dangerous game.
january 2014:
soulmates? a fairytale, for now
I cast that suffocating doctrine out of my mind
frozen in time, I decided now was what mattered
a love like one I’d never felt before beckoned
may 2014:
soulmates? a fairytale assured
I don’t know what the future holds, or how my story will unfold.
happiness is everything and care is not for this world.
love is abounding and soulmates can wait.
october 2014:
soulmates? they belong in fairytales.
chipped and damaged hearts don’t become more whole
just by finding comfort in another broken soul.
all the world’s a playground
these grown-up children
just playing pretend
because nothing’s really meant to be
after all.
Pallavi  Jul 2015
Your Fairytale
Pallavi Jul 2015
When fantasy marries reality, it is your fairytale
You know what you think; you know what you mean,
Whether your heart speaks your mind or the other way,
While you are sewing the threads of your fantasies,
You are multiplying the perimeter of your boundary

When desire meets needs, it is your fairytale
You push the envelope or prefer to keep it inside
You do it when the time is ripe
Certainty is always prime,
What happens, happens for good
But change can be the devil unlike itself

When honesty meets passion, it is your fairytale
Insane as it can be, sanity may ******* sometimes
Truth should never leave you away or you may die
But praise yourself for once, because you never cease to try

**** the bee of the fear and insecurity
That hums in your mind constantly,
You ought to believe you are the queen bee
Alone or with your colony, you always remain to be
Even if you didn't make for the honey
You can still make it for the nectar
It will always be your fairytale; whether too many flowers, one or none.