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abhinav Oct 2023
Imma white strand
underneath that wide band
on your round land
under the heap among profound men
just someone unique, identified from a mile back
*** mild 'attack
seeing me took a step back
thinking me of a **** wack
who isn't like em
I've been cut
I've been dyed
I've died
yet resurfaced just like a lie
screaming at your face dare ******* deny.
sense of individuality and self-acceptance in the face of societal expectations
abhinav Apr 2023
Zoning out, lost in dreams
ogling outta window
nightmarish realm with withered willow
deformed denizens roamed the streets.

Bird's eye view, looking down on mortals
hero's hardship going full throttle
superiority's on peak, enjoying the what ifs
salivating fool, THE CREATOR, ruling his fief.

my word's law, carved in stone
water to wine, raining glitter gold
snapped back to reality as bell rang
same world same place life went boomerang.

Now-a-days, inner peace in pieces
case study in psychological thesis
unconsciousness rather than sleep
dreams all black , nothingness so deep
abhinav Nov 2022
As I traverse the road
As I sail through sea
wind on my face, hair back
grin on my face, getting backtracked.

As I traverse the road
As I sail through sea
wind's there, no waving hair
moonlight off the skull, giving glare.

As I traverse the road
As I sail through sea
stiff joints, drifting BMI
monotonous monochromatic life.

As I traverse the road
As I sail through sea
colors faded, cinder remains
butterfly butchered, moth's reign.
At 5 dreamt how cool is it to be 25, approaching it, missing the innocent naïve me
abhinav May 2022
New day, with dawn of rising sun
off the docks, cruising towards horizon
light and breezy all, felt like blessed by Poseidon
Skinny dipping for happiness, hope I find some.

Many I got bon voyage, many I curses,
many were on board, many kraken lurks.
Head straight, high sail,
ignored all, focused on right trail.

Pleasant journey until now, premonitions around,
dark clouds, high tide, ensuing panic in crowd,
blinded became Travis, undermined the upcoming crisis
Darkness engulfed, realized too late, next moment...  

**** hit the fan down came the rain,
followed by storm and a huge hurricane.
Bulldozed through, but that's just iceberg's tip,
it's gonna be titanic soon, already feel like losing grip.

Beyond horizon, can't see,
calm sea or whirlpool will there be.
All I know, strength of these sails,
sailors and that mysterious gentle gale.
It's your journey, your path to traverse, unique for all, unique are huddles, none will  know your struggle, but don't bow down before seemingly infinite troubles, just buckle down and aim for beyond.
Believe in yourself when none other, for you are your true companion.
Sometimes it feels like I am writing this kind of **** to convince myself  rather than expressing my thoughts, it's like a attempt to self preach, like me trying to solidify these thoughts hoping that it'll bring about a change in me...sad me:((
abhinav Apr 2022
I got a Voldemort filled
inside my brain
a world exist where
door ain't remain.
A world governed by
testo and dopemine
everyday feel like making it rain
sleepless nights feel like jerking
aside the thoughts inside barking
futile because already gave in
flesh and bone
where sins cave in.

Feel like fly in Venus
ain't working out with Jesus
so lemme call out to star
bruh lend me few Winnie
to fetch me some honey
as i rather have pitch up deep than to sow and let it reap
thinking and thinking till it leads
to ******* scar that feeds
grooving epidermis making it bleed
it's like god handing out seeds
and I ain't getting one because of my deeds

Landline, laziness the line
bed's the mine
set foot there goes the crying
all i do is sit back and rhyme
hiding sorrows in these lines
hoping you'd save the day
like the Dre
back when shady was stray
Pray, I pray none's listening
is my existence so grey
pillow talking all night
only time i get to voice my say.
I wrote this back when I was in a bad place... Well never opening this door ever again... i hope :(((
abhinav Sep 2021
Is it my eyes or
some of you are actually white
wearing some wig
hiding that gore
the lil seven sisters
committing when alone.

Fabricated lives, customized self
wearing lies straight from Ralph
this isn't the shadow casted on your soul
it's the tailored tainted core
mirroring multiple images
like trail R in a store.

So afraid showing chromatic phase
undergoing perfectly placed transparent planes
shredding skin, playing games
back stabbing *****, sparking flames
loyal ain't, changing clubs
filling ears as if making it rub.
I wrote this when someone i thought as a brother let me down
abhinav Sep 2021
A world so bizarre
with people so shady
face after face they revel
a never ending quest knowing a person feels.
In a blink of a moment they change
sweet to opportunist that's quite a range.
No one is different me and you
not even a handful few we all have evil within
buried deep down with a hint of sin
afraid, living in denial
bubble acting like glial.

We all are collection of face
that we desire or society admires
hiding behind them
comfortable and safe we feel
but evil will always be let out
in the weakest of moment it creeps
taking on conscience worst it seeks
driven by creature of passion
all that matter is satisfaction
stooping isn't uncommon
once under spell it's basic moral.

Everyone can't be buddha
unlike him can't shut the
**** up inner Vlad
some choose to embrace, some shade
but everyone's right in their own place.
One thing is observed is that no one is perfect, everyone has their own fears and demons to conquer. Everyone's a hypocrite and there's nothing wrong in it. Everyone's portraying the social media life to others.
No one can solve your problems for you at most they could provide  a helping hand but how you choose to deal with them define you as a person.
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