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JakeY Oct 2020
I made a vow as a two year old
One you always told
A promise to my grandma
A little red car for you

Now as a 24 year old
You reminded of what I told
A promise to my grandma
"I'll get that little red car for you"

You were almost 83 years old
But you aren't here anymore, I'm told
All I remember is the promise to my grandma
The little red car I couldn't get you.
This is my way of grieving my grandma. May she rest in peace in the ***** of her maker
JakeY Sep 2020
Beyond the known into the unknown.
We aim for the Stars that don't twinkle.
Trajectory, to infinity and beyond.
Light-years of light-years, the destination we seek.
JakeY Sep 2020
I'm not the better half,
I'm not the worst either.
Not that we are equal or same
You are just the best and the worst,
The first and the last.
I just lie between those two extremes,
Never to surpass my lower and upper limits.
Have you wondered what average feels like?
What insignificant or common tastes like?
Always being at the buffering state,
Neither acid nor base,
Neither hot nor cold,
Just lukewarm.
No distinct shape or colour
Not white or black,
Just grey.

This is my state of mind at the moment!

Not evil, not good.
Just there,
Lost in the shadows of time and space.
Weren't we all born special?
Aren't we all perculiar?
Is this just my speciality?
Never to be specially special but to be specially normal.
Counted as part the masses.
Never in the spotlight,
But the one behind the spotlight.
Do you care to think of me?
Jack of all trades they say,
Master at none

It seems hard to understand my plight;
Difficult to comprehend the sight.
You look down on me from that height
The first poem I ever wrote. I was going through a tough time of fitting into everything.
JakeY Sep 2020
We are close.

I want to be closer.
Not just physically,
With me running my hands through your hair,
Or with our hands interlocked as we take long walks at night,
Or our long hugs that makes us feel safe.

I want to be closer.
Where our minds are one and our thoughts are same,
Our heartbeats are synced as an orchestra,
My weakness is your strength and yours is mine,
And I can't hide my pain and sorrow because you see right through me.

I want us to be closer.
That when they see you, they see me
Our synergy becomes like that of the tides,
Where you are in me and I in you.

This is just all I ask of you.
JakeY Sep 2020
I fell in love with your beautiful soul.
The inner being.
A beautiful process that started outward.
A crush, a trip or perhaps a stumble upon your beautiful body.
Now I've fallen so deep into the unknown.
And that's where I met you,
The person behind all the facets and appearances.

I fell in love with her.
She keeps on being beautiful, I keep on writing.
JakeY Sep 2020
Out of the cold into the sun
When I am old I'll remember the fun
A story now told without a pun
A boy once sold is now on the run
JakeY Sep 2020
As she walks down the road,
She must be every man's dream.
They all want a taste of her.
Am I greedy to want the whole meal?

The contours her body showed,
Every curve and edge in a perfect seam.
Not forgetting the locks in her curled hair.
Am I greedy to want the whole meal?

From her lips melodies flowed,
Guarded by perfectly interlocked teeth that gleam.
Her little brown eyes luring me to her lair
Am I greedy to want the whole meal?
Originally written when she was my world yet not in my world. She still isn't.
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