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  6d Dominique
Amber fire cooled
Smooth over water hardened
To soften the burn.
  6d Dominique
Today an angel
sat upon a rain cloud and
watched the rain fall down

Sad day today I still can’t bring myself to talk about it even though I shared a poem recently but I took it down for the words tto forever sleep peacefully x
  Sep 30 Dominique
Frank Russell
Agreed, that love is attraction
    - though not only surface sensual,
      as you maintain,
      not only toward the external -
But that sweet involuntary pull is
      also inward for expansion;
      for interior sifting
      and resolution.
Love is primarily attraction to
      unexplored depths
      of the self.

- fr
  Sep 30 Dominique
a gaudy toxic tapestry
of filthy lies

dogma and tribalism
on parade as
Dominique Sep 22
Poetry sits like a cat on my chest
It purrs at me,
Licking the tips of my fingers
Pressing its soft beating belly to mine
I used to have to cajole it up here

But I'm so mean to it tonight  

I do not tap its ears or rub its back
Too tired now to plait its fur
And call its affection pretty
But I lie quite still and I try to forget
I'd rather shove it off and have a cigarette.
Not in the mood
Dominique Sep 1
Well, they mock the cops on a tuesday night
The start of the week and there's joints to light
It's the siren that shrieks like your thousand pound phone
Hello, it's your mother, you gonna come home?

My daughter's been missing for two **** nights
The searchlights that grab her find hate in her eyes
It's the acid, you know, and it's made her feel right
Come home, come home, come home

Now, a cold thursday with blood on their paws
There's windows been smashed 'cause they're drunk and they're bored
"Oh man, it's the pigs and it sounds like they're feeding"
They speed away laughing and all of them bleeding

They're picking out shards for the rest of the night
Quietly praying their veins would shut tight
Just the hustle, you know, and the jack tastes all right
Be fine, be fine, be fine

Then friday has crashed and the weekend is here
Toasting the drug deals with tablets and beer
Parks in the dark and a drunk girl's the charm
Lighting up **** with fresh burns on his arm

Calls up the mates he assaulted last night
Humourless laughs and they're high as a kite
*** is a drug babe, you know how this works

And the cops aren't around and she hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts.
youth culture amirite?
my cousin told me "the met ain't ****" yesterday and I just had to put that sentiment into a poem :)
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