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  Sep 7 Dominique
The Rational Mind knows
There is no such thing
As the absence
Of feeling
A mind that truly serves you never denies emotion.
it’s all chemistry
physics is the shuffling of chemistry
biology is when physics blows chemistry in life’s direction
  Sep 6 Dominique
Ray Dunn
my legs will always have scabs
and i dont think i'll ever be alone--
but in the mystery of the tabs
i'll sing to a place you call home.
E Fsharp **** jk it said notes
  Sep 6 Dominique
Ciel Noir
it has been raining for so long
I still see the sky through it

how can I trust the sunshine
to be real

I shut the warmth out of my mind
remembering the grey

it will take a little longer
before I let myself feel
  Sep 6 Dominique
I've been waiting to write
For something to suddenly inspire me
And for words to just flow out
But that didn't happen
So I tried forcing words out
Even if they didn't make sense
But that didn't work either
So this is all I got right now
It's not bad
Oh, forget it.
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