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Sophia L Sep 11
Flat white flat life
Nothing is in my mind
Boring boring is the rhyme
Sing a song of Blue Sky
Sophia L Jun 10
smoking after a meal
to the vague future
seeing the world through the fog
annoying the road is clogged

they say nicotine is bad
but you sure what is good?

To the smoky unknown future
let me first borrow a light
oh forgot
it is an e-cigarette
Sophia L May 20
waking up without an alarm
getting ready for nothing
meeting cute friends
no more trash need to listen
goodbye to the people without brain

a cup of coffee
a lazy sunbath
a list of indie music

only i can say,
a good day baby
Sophia L May 19
poetic start,
dramatic ending,
named as a job, a relationship, a memory, a period of time,
or what you want to call it is,
oh maybe a not-too-boring movie that you watch without yawning.

lately, i think i just wrote a not bad script
--without a Sequel,
--but With an endless aftertastes
May 19, 2021
Sophia L Dec 2020
it's not Failure makes you stronger
it's how you face it
deal with it
talk to it
-makes you another person
Sophia L Nov 2020
i said,
i am always a dog person
until i got a cat

watching her sleep
so peacefully
she takes a nap
perhaps dreams a daydream with me
she stares at the window
the outside world seems fun and thrill
she looks at the screen
the keyboard’s sound just like her toys
eat, play, sleep
so simple, so easy

oh maybe I should be a cat
life should be easy
maybe that’s why i am jealous of a kitty
Sophia L Nov 2020
like no one cares
like no one’s there
like no one stares

be rare
you will be there
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