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Sophia L Sep 8
we rarely talk about it
until we forget
we rarely talk about it
until silence kills the night
let’s have amnisia
everything will be fine
Sophia L Sep 2
real Fake
fake Real
Sophia L Aug 2
the world used to be small,
books broke the walls

bring them all
cause books broke the walls
Sophia L Jul 26
felt lost
counting the time pause
chaos will stop-
rain mourns
sun roars

till time out
Sophia L Apr 21
crying like a baby,
as no one cares
Sophia L Mar 29
we wish life as smooth as a lake
but destiny gives us a roaring ocean

i will take it
Sophia L Mar 20
a deep blue typewriter
anxious right now
rather be in the cloud
always alone but get well with the writers' hands
dream of jumping around
worried about I will be abandoned one day
would like others to think I am useful
quietness keep me awake at night
Finishing a masterpiece
no inspiration for a single line
broken during a creative work
at 2 pm
be a helper
i lived
Inspire by Rupi Kaur’s Instagram Poetry Live lesson 3/20/2020.
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