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Sophia Li Jul 22
The night is
deeply charming
Sophia Li Jul 12
you ask me-
what do you like?
it’s too expensive
you can’t afford it
Sophia Li Jul 8
I never believe in luck
just a miracle-
when you work **** hard
Sophia Li Jul 4
you are the sharpen knife
piercing my heart
torturing it till bleeding
-leave me perishing within
Sophia Li Jul 4
sometimes, need the warmth of the sun
sometimes, need the cool of the shadow
The Beauty within is-
just guess it
Sophia Li Jun 27
I stand on tiptoe,
look across the window,
see the light-
around the corner-
catch a glimpse of hope
stand by whom
Sophia Li Jun 7
love is a boring thing,
i like flesh and bone better-
that sounds more human being
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