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Natalija Aug 2020
Many words have been spoken
I hope never be forgotten
Do not hesitate
Reach out
Write me a letter

I know you!
It will happen.
Today, tomorrow
It doesn't matter

A simple letter
Or just a dot
Written in the air
Between us
I'm a big romantic heart, just that.
Natalija Aug 2020
I'm lighting candles
I have to.
To clear a path
To see.

Darkness is fun
But to live there
You sometimes have to run

I don't want to run
Take a walk
Observe all around

Light up your candle
We share that path.
Live and follow your candles.
Natalija Aug 2020
Thrill of luck.
You pay for fun
But you cannot turn
Just return and try
Again and again
Never satisfyed.
You pay to lose
But you ran out excuses
Natalija Aug 2020
Slow down
Not so far
Get out of the car
And give me back
My crown
Natalija Aug 2020
Put me back
Where I belong
And thank the Universe
It let you near
My heart that long
Will be just fine
Sometimes we all need some space from certain draining situations.
Natalija Aug 2020
I cry
Just remember
That is not common

You gave me a reason

Love me for me
Not what you
Want me to be

Before i stop crying
Emotional support is what we need in any kind of relationship
Natalija Aug 2020
Hands up
Don't be shy
Say it out

   You hate the world!

Envy more
Stay jelous

But don't come
       And lonely
When everything is over
Ode to Ignorant humans who destroy mother Earth carelesly
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