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cassini Sep 2015
we fought,
declared hidden love within our simple hearts
but our hearts mustn't have been so basic
as we where both incapable of loving just one.
cassini Aug 2015
always on the outside
it was me, it was you.
it was everyone who was told
you're too fat
you're weird
you're to quiet.
it was everyone but it was no one
because when we were left out
we were living, growing thicker skins
and when the fa├žade deteriorated
it was us who where left.
because it was our individuality that was our survival.
cassini Aug 2015
Its funny,
when you said you had got the whole package,
I realised that not only are you the *******,
but you were the **** too!
I have no idea where this came from but you know, freedom of speech and all that.
cassini Jul 2015
I couldn't keep her.
As much as I tried,
as much as all I wanted
Because she was the wind,
changed her direction.
Rode out the bumps and hitches.
I was a cloud slowly following behind.
Gray and boring.
Full of tears that I had saved for her.
cassini Jun 2015
If its the distance that keeps me missing you,
Every year a barricade between our lives.
If its this hopeless infinity,
that we fear is not meant to hold our time

Can we replace this moment?
I never should of let you walk me by.
And I know that its this nostalgic heartache,
That will return me shortly to your side.
cassini May 2015
the mirror says how old we are
the wrinkles know our times,
our wispy strands of silver hairs,
and worn in laughter lines

the scratches in our stones
much like lovers carved in trees
the sweet sting of peaceful death
like honey from the bees.
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