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Empire Jul 2020
I want to lie in the low lights
Listen to loud alternative music
Feel chemicals relaxing my body
And forget
I’m not okay (I promise)
Maria Hernandez Jul 2020
Mein Leben ohne dich ist so viel besser

Aber mein Lieber, ich habe deine
Liebesbriefe noch einmal gelesen
Es ist so ein kurzes Gedicht, aber es hat so viel Bedeutung und ist gleichzeitig traurig
Mimi Hachiko Jan 2020
This must be it
Welcome to the new year
The drinks were consumed
The plants were destroyed and the hor'deurves dismantled
I'm not smiling behind this fake veneer
I am often interrupted or completely ignored
But most of all I'm bored
I'm trying to find out if my words have any meaning
Lackluster and full of contempt when it always ends the same
Why won't you listen to me
Why did I come
Oh why did I come here
These humans all ****
I'd rather be home feeling violent and lonely
I'm not trying to sound so insincere
But the postcard that's taped to the freezer reads "wish you were here"
How I wish I could disappear
Andrew Rueter Sep 2018
They're evil and edgy
Partisans pledging
Communal wedging
Without hedging

Alt right
Salt might
Halt flight
Until whites
Are the blight
Exploding heights
Out of sight

An extremist
Screams this
Dream wish
Of king fists
Being dished
To the fish
In his own aquarium
His subjects daring him
To callously bury them
If they are married men
Because they carry dems
So a way to parry then
Is to say they shouldn't wed
By having them condemned

Minds frozen still
Imposing will
Exposing ill
Intent to ****
For dollar bills
Expect the shills
To get their fill
In their royal mill
With soil drills
Of oil spills
On toil hills

They're usually uneducated
Which can't be understated
And can't be underrated
They're the ones that say it
With pride and hatred
Until we're berated
And never related
While those in the dark
See them as marks
To create sparks
That feed sharks
And bleed hearts

When ends justify means
They fight and scream
As a way of blowing off steam
Keeping others from the American dream
No matter what their character seems
They see people as being on teams
And hate those not part of their scene
Which they call a grass roots movement
But the grass hasn't seen any improvement
Only the doom sent
By the hollow gloom vent
Of our atmospheric dent

A torchlight
Of foresight
Affords light
In sore nights
To ignore slights
Before fights
Implore bites
Of more plights
So I store fright
With all that is trite

Yet fear is their motivator
And their mode of behavior
Searching for a savior
Of the Caucasian flavor
To be their maven slaver
To lead the craven players
To their haven layer
On the simple surface
That can be purchased
Until we live in a furnace
And the planet's a dirt pit
For fascism we flirt with
Our country turns worthless
tyja the cat Aug 2018
I hate rules.
I hate rules' rule over me.
I hate rules.
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