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  2h mimi

She moved towards me
with an  unparalleled
and in doing so,
poured Living water  over
an ancient, Jezebelian wound--
  still bleeding;
  cut-- deeply

across  my battle-scarred chest.

in a timeless,  ancient world;
the healing she brought  to me
b e c a m e
a healing  for all mankind--
and through
the healing of woman-kind;

as she   b r e a t h e d   out to me
   a kiss,
along the edge of
a faint scar-line;

the one  that
just above my hip--
gave hint..

of a missing rib.

“He had a difficult time focusing on her; she seemed almost to shimmer in the light and her hair blew in all directions.. even though there was hardly a breeze. It was almost easier to see her out of the corner of his eye than it was to look at her directly."
~The Shack
mimi 1d
Trauma decides
The fake smiles,
And happy lies.
The broken promises,
And tear filled eyes.
If we’re just fine,
Or if we’re not alive.

— The End —