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Isaac Nov 2021
its new, its foreign
your form I’m adoring
your frown I’m scorning
I just like the way you do you
so unique, so new
so hot and so blue
so me but still you
hand on my thigh as you drive down the avenue
the first one to engrave their name in my heart
the first man to deserve his part in my art
of delusional confusion, idealistic intrusion
with a sprinkle of disillusionment
thought it wasn’t for me, too many days spent in existential worry
wondering how it would work for me or if it would hurt me
but I throw caution to the wind and trust my wings
to maintain my grace on the breeze
love is just as simple as it seems
simple life gets messy with simple lies
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
In its caves of insolence,
night hides its diabolic secrets
when light sows its golden pearls
across the horizon. It paints its treachery
with the innocence of the morning light
like a master-chameleon
that wraps its lies
in a psychedelic charm.

A rainbow
once disguised its radiance
to become the shadow of night and  
smeared its leaden drops of deceit
on the angel-white glow of the clouds.

Perhaps, that’s why we are the way we are –
living in different skins!
Mane Omsy Apr 2017
I'm hallucinating zombies heads twisted
Blood spread on the floor, it's slippery
Should I attract these creatures instead?
Soon before they turn, better hurry

I stepped out unnoticed, it is too dark
Only some pair of green round lights
I froze the moment I heared them bark
Oh Lord! This nightmare, worst bites

The faces of these beasts covered blood
Felt like I'm pushed to edge of a grave
Mine blood they tasted, last breath, dead
I prayed angels to hold me and save

Are my pledges thrown into this pit?
Are the chameleons smiling at this wit?
Redemption - XII

The truth behind metaphorically defines the feeling inside my mind after all these ******* up issues. The people pretended to love you spits straight at your face when the fire is still burning.
Mane Omsy Nov 2016
Frowning, glittering faces
They changed constantly
Lost the vision for loyalty
Where trust is a weapon
To tease someone's life

Put edges to the lines
You drew thier attention to
Then pick wisely, when
They change colours
People are untrustworthy (most of them)
When you trust someone (even your family members) expect them changing sides.
Kimberly Semiday Aug 2016
When in nature,
chameleons will alter their original form,
in order to survive.

If you placed her next to those miraculous creatures,
she would put their shape shifting to shame.

For as long as she could remember,
she camouflaged her colors so she could survive.

She bended and molded to be
whatever people wanted her to be.

The problem with this is,
after the threat has gone,
chameleons will once again return to their truest form.

But for her it's always survival of the fittest.
And if you asked her,
She wouldn't know which colors,
truly belonged to her,

— The End —