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abhinav Sep 2021
I got real "gems" within
with my heart so polluted
obsolete genes making 'em so deluded
fighting among self
while ringing thy bell
turning my inside into live hell.

High rankers behaving like bankers
cranking up on money
weak got taxes ramped up
feedback mechanism didn't got me backed up
my hand's burning
it's more interested in drugs cranked up.

world within, so bizarre
worshipping 9 days
on 10th exploiting the avatar
immune system's malfunctioning
exterminating none entertaining all
stand up for something, "Nah dude, they'll make me crawl".

condition's critical need some dode
ain't working to flourish, all they do is corrode
making my core scrambled as a puzzle
suppressing every positive struggle
my existence's that of a mine
mining glitter degrading divine.
My take on how we treat fellow citizens and our country, even our planet, hypocrisy of "most intelligent" life form, abuse of authority and power.
sometimes it feels like humanity is the curse we need to get rid off.
ATILA Oct 2018
My country is aesthetic
Shown by elegant hibiscus
Glittering by its own
Growing with majestic delight of cliffs
Due to country's ups - downs
Yet still resting faith on this land
To be the best place for future hibiscus
So that Malaysia will forever unique
This is solely what I cherish.
Sneha Thakur Apr 2018
With color painted on my skin ,
I walk amidst these clouds ,
Too high , too scared to fall ,
To fall onto more melanin.
The more the melanin the more alien I become , they say.
I try to soak these clouds into me ,
Like I absorbed the Indian in my folks .
Like I carry a bunch of them beneath this skin.
Like my taste buds will always crave for more spice.

Like it is all I know.
Like I am always the one suffering with the wrong accent.
Like an accent could be right or wrong.
As if , proper has a sound of its own.
I come from the land of red soil
Soil being red from the blood .
I come from the air ,
Filled with all the carbon and heat
I come from the waters of Indian ocean .
But , mainly I come from my country , my India
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
There's a bird in the sky that's weeping
a cold none seems comfortable with
there's a stinging cold of despair sweeping
so bad every smoker yearns for ****

there's a light that's behind the dark
battling to find her way to the shine
to sublime the monsters that lurk
and color with joy them that whine

there's a road that goes and never ends
there's a peace seated in the laps of war
a fatal enemy the world gladly befriends
because fairness and justice are no more*

there's an innocent cob wounded under a palm tree
a graceful wounded calf called my country
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
I suddenly don't know who my friends are anymore
But I know who has never been,isn't and never will
You're not my friend if you think our whimpers propaganda
You're not my friend if you're not in support of a proper Uganda
You're not my friend if you opposed our
struggle till its seemingly dead end
You're not my friend if you think we shouldn't grieve
You're not my friend if in yellow rule you still believe
you're not my friend if you're still blinded
even after so many are hurt and lives ended
you're not my friend if you sung a song in praise
of he who won't our teacher's salary raise
you're not my friend if I reminded you of the Hospital
and you said them sick suffer for the love of free things with no remorse at all
you're not my friend if you've stuck to his support
simply because he fills your wallet while the rest are emptied,
you're not my friend if in this sad time you feel relief
you're not my friend if you forgot about the *** holes
the uncertainty that characterises the air all over the country,
you're not my friend if in your heart melancholy isn't,the despair
you're not my friend if you don't mind the pauper on the street
the emptiness of our capital competing with that in our hearts
you're not my friend if you don't think it badly hurts
you're not my friend if as long as your Porsche you drive
you don't mind about the state of a country
whether your neighbour's child is dead or alive
you're are not my friend if everything you wish for you have
and you don't give a **** if others starve
you're not my friend if you're contented with the shaky epicentre
forgetting that when the centre is shaky things fall apart
you're not my friend even if the politics ended
for my friend you weren't right from the start
you're not my friend if you've played part in steering us to a wrong course
against the pleas and cries of the despairing concourse
you're not my friend if you're the reason country man lies in a casket
in exchange for a piece of the national cake in your basket
you're not my friend if you believe in steady progress
even if you're my brother,whilst rest of the country lies in regrets
you're not my friend if you are against the people's choice
for the people's choice is the people's voice
You're not my friend if your government military deploys
dubbing the shout of our plight unnecessary noise
You're not my friend if you're smiling while we cry
in darkness as sunshine lights your home for you own our sky
you're not my friend if you forgot about those studying under a tree
you're not my friend if you still think we're free
You're my enemy if you're an enemy to my friend
You've wounded this nation by standing by the olden trend
you're an enemy to the state and so you're my enemy
you're not my friend, for God and my country
you're not my friend and that I will never forget traitor
no,I will remember through every January to December
I will remember even after you forget,centuries later
...So sad indeed
Brian Payamps Aug 2015
I wanted to tell you
how much I loved you
But my pride is in tact
It wouldn't even let my mouth open to talk to you back
I wanted to tell you
Girl you the one
The only one
So afraid to come second
Since thats the first one that lost
We were parallel, equals,
Such a shame we couldn't meet at an intersection
Maybe yet the corner
We both use to loiter
You know we both use to hustle
Me that Danity
You that pus-say
I wanted to tell you
I love the freedom you lived
From a caterpillar to a butterfly
Over night
You spread your wings and fly
But how did you now
Left shoulder cold that's how you snubbed
Right shoulder hot that's how you loved
From where the heart couldn't interrupt
Your top was cool calm and collective like the fall
And down low was the power you know warm and sticky like those spring showers
I wanted to tell you
Hope you feel better
I wanted to tell you
No! Don't!
Let them hit
But I don't hate
I wanted to tell you
Tell them to wear a rubber
I wanted to tell you
They know now, they know now is
***** not pus-say and that's power
I wanted to tell you
Now you've been infected with the monster AIDS
but before your death becomes the compromise of life
I wanted to tell you
Atleast once that I loved you
Before the wars and the battles
When you were just a butterfly
Conquering the land in the abiss
You'll forever be my home
I wanted to tell you
I loved you
Batool Aug 2015
A man with broad vision
About the land of pures
a man with excellent leadership skills
stood up to fulfill
the first man's dream
he gathered the scattered people
he fought for what was
righyfully ours
he turned the rouges into NATION
Togather they
but yet the remained strong
holding each others back
against the cunning enemy
they were pure by heart
they had the golden soules
faith was running in their veins
thus they were granted
after years of hardship
with the most beautiful gift
the first man's dream was now a reality...!!

the man who dreamt IQBAL
the man who lead JINNAH
the land of pure PAKISTAN
the nation created PAKISTANIS
and this is OUR story !!

Independence Day !!
14 August Our Independence Day .. Dont hate us for what we are not -terrorist .. Love us for what we are - Jinnah's Pakistan

— The End —