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vanessa  Jan 2018
vanessa Jan 2018
I remember when you said you wanted to watch me watch ****** documentaries
And I remember thinking how beautiful it must have been to think that
You wanted to watch me love something
And that’s kinda how I  knew I was doomed
When you wanted to know the meanings behind my poems
And the pain
And when you held me in your arms when I yelled at you
That’s kinda when I knew I was doomed
When I heard other people could tell by the way I’d look at you that I cared about you
When my friends started telling me they’ve never seen me so in love
That’s when I knew I was doomed
Doomed because wow you sure have a talent
Doomed because I fell in love with you at that amusement park when you first told me about your dad
Doomed because I fell in love with you when you said this was different
Doomed because I fell in love with you when that song came on in the parking lot

And the way you looked at me that first time
Doomed because I fell in love with you all those nights you spent at my house
Doomed because I fell in love with you all those early mornings at 5 am
Doomed because I fell in love with you while we made pizza in my kitchen
Doomed because I fell in love with you when you made me laugh while I was crying
And holy **** did I fall in love with you

I'm too fixated in each moment -
Each moment feels so intense,

I'm lost
On the dark side of the moon,
And nothing here has any warmth,
Worth or substance ~
Nothing here makes any sense.

Even my own shadow has left me.
The Monsters, still lurking
In the darkness,
Have stolen all of my hopes
And dreams away,

I can hear the wolves,
They are hauntingly howling -
There's nowhere safe that I can run to,
On this, here, dark, dreary day.

There will be no stars
To light up the pitch-black night-skies,
They have already fallen,
Just like the Angels
That I once loved and knew,

Everything that I once held onto
As sacred, has been molested -
I've been abandoned, once again;
Hell, again, I am being forced
To walk through.

Alone, I was born and raised,
Only my pain has been consistent-
It has held my hand
Throughout my entire life.

At some point, somehow,
I stupidly gave birth
To expectations,
Luckily, I woke up
And divorced reality,
Hence becoming solitude's
Dedicated and loving wife.

On the dark side of the moon
Compassion, loyalty and trust
Are nonexistent.
Evil dwells in almost every man
And woman,

Each with his or her own agenda,
Each with his or her own selfish plan.

Saviors do not exist,
Superheroes all wear masks,

Unconditional love is but an illusion,
Here, I revert to relying solely
On the harshness of reality,
For, the truth, it always exposes
And unmasks.

The dark side of the moon
Is a very lonely, isolating place,
In which to dwell,

There is no sunshine,
No stars or Angels -
The only light visible
Comes from the flames
Of the evildoers'
Raging fiery hell!

Placed here against my will,
No lush green valley in sight,

Taken away
From the divinity of nature,
I was cruelly robbed
Of my radiant life-giving daylight.

Doomed for being too real,
Too open and too honest,
Doomed for loving too much.

Doomed for believing in superheroes,
Doomed for allowing a human
To become my crutch.

Doomed for being too empathetic,
Doomed for being too sincere.

Doomed for being too kind
And too generous,
I'm doomed, abandoned here.

I blame only myself
For allowing my intuitive awareness
And intelligence to fade away
Like the stars that once adorned
Every exquisite night-sky,

I blame only myself
For not using the blessed insight
Of my third eye.

I'm too fixated in each moment,
Each moment feels so intense,

I'm too passionate about life
To give up and remain imprisoned
On the dark side of the moon...
But I'm too emotionally weak
And disappointed to jump the fence.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Cydney Something  Oct 2018
Cydney Something Oct 2018
Trust me
I would love
To be your girl
But I'm sorry to say
We are doomed
Before we

We are
We are
We are

Not because
We are apart
And not for lack of trying
But because
Round pegs fit
In my square space
But leave much to be desired

Because I-
In my aggression-
Will fill the corners with questions
Without much space for answers
And you will dance
Safe in your cylindrical home
The corners will sizzle
And I will burn
But you will
Be safe

I choose
To break you
Into all those pieces
That are easy to fix
But sting to lose
Because I will
Most surely

We are
We are
My love,
We are doomed

But you
Are still
My love
Fucking tired Sep 2016
say with me
America is doomed

well Trump's an ongoing joke
and Hillary's lies are painfully easy to perceive.
Bernie's polles speak of certain failure.

say it with me
America is doomed

Once more the simpsons tell us
how america will fall.
“I will build a great wall –
and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me –
and I’ll build them very inexpensively.
I will build a great,
great wall on our southern border,
and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”
This is the man
45 percent of Texas is voting for
I've never been more ashamed of my home

Say it with me
America is doomed.

Hillary can’t get through a speech
without falling apart
In a coughing fit.
Needed help just going up some stairs.
Laughed about helping
a cockroach
Get away with ****.
“Of course he claimed he didn’t.
All this stuff.
He took a lie detector test.
I had him take a polygraph,
which he passed,
which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.”
And she dares to claim she’s for women?

Say it with me
America is doomed

Someone tell Trump
He’s fired.
Before he destroys this country.
Someone tell Hillary
She needs to go home
Before she dies on the job.

Someone tell Bernie
That he won
Before the orange man and old ****
Ruins us all.

Say it with me
America is doomed.

Oregon apparently  has the right idea.
And will mainly vote for Bernie.

Say what you will
About Obama
But tears will be shed when he goes
Especially after the roasting he gave
He earned his mic drop
“Obama out”

Say it with me
America is doomed

Say it loud
Cry unproud
America is doomed.

Say it with me
Spread it across our failing country
Write it
Scream it
Cry it
Whisper it
Know it
Remember it
And lose your american pride
As you repeat it over and over
Rebel Heart  Aug 2017
Doomed Love
Rebel Heart Aug 2017
What if I told you I really loved you
Someplace away from the depths of my poetry
Somewhere away from the corners of my chaotic mind
Sometime away from the words I weave
When I'm lost in the thoughts of you

I couldn't give you that power
To take every broken shard left of me
And walk away
Just to leave me with nothing more
But more pain and regret

So my pencil keeps scribbling
The mess I feel for you
At least until my hand goes as numb
As my heart

Forever doomed to live with these chained desires
Forever doomed to silence my own pain
 Forever doomed to wear these imperfect masks
     And forever
                     to never

Never again.
Love that cannot be voiced is the most tragic kind, don't you agree? Two tormented lovers hiding their feelings from each other both too scared to admit what they feel. To all doomed loves, its better to live with rejection rather than regret and with that I wish you all a wonderful day ~BM
Nathan Alexander Aug 2018
You and I... go hand in hand,
With being terrified.
(...Of death.)
You and I... go hand in hand,
With being petrified.
(...Of death.)

But no matter how hard I try,
I just can’t get anything right.
But no matter, how hard I fight,
I just can’t get things right.
And no matter how hard I think,
I end up driving everyone away.

So I think I... am better off... being just dead and gone.
Maybe I... really am better off... being just dead and gone.
(I. need. to. be. dead. and. gone...)

These voices in my head, all tell me I should disappear...
They tell me that I don’t belong here...
But it’s okay dear, do not be afraid...
I will not tell anyone, no one will hear,
It won’t get to your ears.

You won’t know my plans,
The chance...
Still stands.
Of me dying by my hands.

I. want. to. take. over. control.

You and I... go hand in hand, with being terrified.
And if this is all there is, then I want off this ride.
I will never be okay with this, or accept this kind of unstable life.

Doomed to love,
Doomed to separate,
Doomed. to go... our ways...

Doomed to try,
Doomed to fail,
Doomed to bail.
Doomed to be unhappy,
...Doomed to die.

It’s like every day is a fight for my life,
I can barely get from day to day.
Do I really have to die,
For this monster inside... to be slain?

I really do try to fight it, or to hide it, but inside it, and I’m not lying...
It just burns it's way through happiness, feels like torture,
I never asked for this...
This monster trapped deep inside of me.

No matter how I try to block out the voice that tells me I'm worthless,
I can't seem to conquer to beast,
I'm always defeated,
Left here in pieces.

And there's no one who understands
they can't stitch me up,
though it's nice that they're still  ”here.”
I am the only one...
Who can slay this monster.
The writing on the wall
Cannot be scrubbed away
Or painted over.
It is burned into the surface.

The carefully wound clock
Has lost it’s main spring
And the hands no longer move,
Though the alarm still rings.

The rising of the tide
Eats steadily at
The edges of the castle
So skillfully constructed.

The wind has changed direction
And the breeze become a gale.
The aging oak tree
Lacks to roots to save it.

The fragile flower’s beauty
Is no match for the equipment
Paving over gardens built
For other times and people.
The end of my career is in sight, and not by my choice at all.  Too sad to think about.
My head is in overdrive
I feel I'm doomed
But I'll forever tell
You that I'm fine.
If I tell you the truth
I know I'll be doomed.
I'll tell you to let it go.
Don't hold on
Let the poison sink in,
Let my words disappear.
I'm a figment
Of your vile imagination.
A sworn into your darkest temptation.
I'm poison
I beg you not to drink.
Because there is no antidote
And you will slowly sink.
I'm better off alone.
The ground is my home.
And I'm ready to open the door.
This is the moment
The moment I've been waiting for.
I feel I'm doomed.
I feel I'm doomed.
I know that I'm doomed
Terry O'Leary Sep 2015
Though still within our infancy,
we strive to thrive, but woefully
we flash and flaunt our 'primacy',
display our trophies pridefully.

Our terra firma ecstasy
destroys survival's harmony,
lays waste to life on land and sea.
Mankind, thy name is vanity!

By doubting Nature's regnancy,
defying laws with levity,
we strain our spheroid's symmetry
(perhaps a fatal fallacy?)

for, swallowed in the 'world of we',
we feed on vain insanity
with thoughts beyond eternity -
so strange when looked at mortally.

No use to seek a remedy
ensconced in ancient prophecy
for if not handled skillfully,
as clay we'll pay the penalty.

The Moguls rule with cruel decree,
control the crowds like puppetry,
pursuing greed addictively
with no accountability.

The wind, it reeks of Royalty
(awash in waves of perfidy)
while blowing ’cross the peasantry
(eclipsed in clouds of treachery).

The Queen, well steeped in snobbery,
sits, preening proud Her pedigree,
on throne of sculpted ebony
while sipping Sect immodestly;

to sate Her Regal Majesty,
a caviar clad canapé
is served with golden cutlery
by maidens bent submissively.

The King is bailed from bankruptcy
by Knaves who hoodwink artfully
the down-and-outer evictee
who wallows in their lenity.

Forsooth, the Money Monarchy
exalts the dollar dynasty
engaged in highway robbery
by Peacocks plumed in finery.

Yes, Jesters and the Fools agree
to truckle to duplicity
and laugh about it witlessly.
Long live the peon's penury!

To champion an oddity
(like two times twelve is fifty three)  
one reaches to theology
through paths of circularity.

In bygone trials of travesty
the doubters, draped in blasphemy,
endured the pain and agony
inflicted by the papacy.

Inspired by the Trinity
fanatics bent cosmology
in geocentric fantasy
while Bruno burned for heresy;

and aged women, randomly
accused of wicked witchery
by justice framed in infamy,
were racked and shown no clemency

That epoch of credulity
(when savants fostered sorcery
and practiced ancient alchemy)
arose in dark age quackery

as clerics dripping piety
(while raging, raving rabidly)
pervaded thralled society
with callous inhumanity;

'repent', they bellowed, 'verily,
forsake the world's iniquity,
live lives of want and chastity,
and give your gelt to God through me'.

The Masters make a mockery
of freedom and democracy
by holding down the uppity,
released from shackled slavery,

now fettered in a factory
else strewn across the Bowery,
still chained in bonds of bigotry,
immersed in seas of poverty.

And colliers, tapping balefully
in sunken-mine solemnity,
yet thrum a mournful monody
some call the digger's elegy.

To children, pale and raggedy
(behind a day of drudgery),
the boss man, oh so gallantly,
bestows a penny, niggardly;

though some are fed (belatedly),
their eyes recede in apathy
while bellies bulge, inflatedly,
with mothers watching, wretchedly.

When met with health adversity
or broken bone infirmity,
the pauper dangles helplessly
with no insurance policy;

and those engulfed in lunacy
are ailing blobs left floating free
in ******-dream obscurity -
a mired madhouse odyssey.

Ignoring mankind's unity,
the rich and poor dichotomy
breeds dismal doomed finality,
eventual nihility.

Renewing days of chivalry,
wild warriors fighting valiantly
bring freedom neath the gallows tree
while blending blood and burgundy

to toast the slaughtered enemy,
and so convince the colony
to cede with smile on bended knee
and yield her diamonds, silk and tea.

At first they call the cavalry
and then again the infantry,
so proudly primped in panoply,
with arms from finest armory

(embraced in hands so tenderly
bestow benign atrocity) -
and soon atomic weaponry
will extirpate posterity.

Misusing high technology
(to feed the face of gluttony)
depletes our Rock of energy,
now slowly dying thermally.

Our gadgets breathing CFC
fuel ozone holes' immensity
while cloud bursts, raining acidly,
wilt woods in their entirety,

and rivers, tainted chemically,
polluted biologically,
refill our cups methodically
and drown our souls organically.

Adjusting genes mechanically
may well blot out the bumble bee
annulling fruits' fecundity,
but brings big bucks reliably.

We wager perpetuity
to revel momentarily
in shadow-like obscurity
ignoring the futility,

but if we bet unknowingly
on fickle fate's contingency
and thereby act haphazardly
we're doomed to lose the lottery.

The modern day bureaucracy
abuses trust egregiously ,
embeds itself in obloquy
and offers no apology.

It paints the past in reverie
to camouflage the tendency
to strip away our privacy
which paves the path to tyranny.

With earlobes lurking furtively
that listen surreptitiously,
and eyeballs peering piercingly
we've lost cerebral sovereignty,

and those who dare to disagree
must hide away in secrecy
else crowd a black facility
(with water board anxiety).

Yes, sans responsibility,
our marble in this galaxy
will crumble in catastrophe
ere ever reaching puberty…
David Flemister  Mar 2017
David Flemister Mar 2017
this world is doomed and we're all going with it.
you're on a giant rock hurtling through space.
you live in constant fear of death, yet that's the only thing you can be sure about.
you have a job you don't want so you can buy things you don't need,
to impress and satisfy people you don't like.
this world is doomed and we're all going with it.
why? no reason. its a joke. and your death is the punchline.
you've been put here to fail.
the meaning of life is its fragility.
that it can all be ripped away so fast.
its funny, isn't it?


so what? now you've got nothing to live for?
now you're free.
no fear of failure.
no fear of death.
no fear.
the world is your chaotic, lawless playground.
no rules.
no leaders.
no consequences.
you're afraid of living because you're afraid of dying.
you fear the inevitable.
stop being a ******* coward, stop being afraid.
there are no concequences.
this world is doomed and we're all going with it.

— The End —