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Aurianna Aug 2020
I didn't listen when you told me that continuing to give, to love so much without receiving anything in return...
Was only going to hurt me... but I insisted.
Now here I am, empty, and nothing left to give. With no one around to help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart.
I wish I listened.
japheth Aug 2019
there are poetries

meant to be read,

there are poetries

meant to be spoken,

but all poetries

are meant to be felt.
train coming
ever felt
Dita H Oct 2016
I never said I loved you, John.
But I did.
I never said I saw you, John
but I did.
I never said I heard you, John.
but I listened.
For all the good it did to me.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
You act as if you hadn't a clue
You act as if I hadn't talked to you
You act as if I hadn't tried till in the face I was blue

I did, I tried
I did, but you only sighed
I did,rivers of tears I cried

Why are you such a *******
Why is your agony dispread
Why did you not listen and ended up mislead

I beckoned you to come near
I beckoned you so I could make it clear
I beckoned you but you only looked at me with that sneer

So I let you do it your own way
So I let you become the prey
So I let you crumble in just mere days

Now i'll just set and watch
Now I'll just set while all of it you botch
Now I'll just set as you make another notch

If only you had not just listened but heard
If only you hadn't let things get so blurred
If only you hadn't acted so absurd

I sat and I watched you expire
I sat and I watched as your situation got dire
I sat and I watched as you set yourself on fire
Melissa Sherwood Sep 2015
        Into the sky
Return to this earth another time
        We will procrastinate in the wake of your
         Isn't it funny
How the earth senselessly turns
         Everything happens for a reason
Each thought derives from a soul
          Each day words are caged in fear of treason
Isn't it funny how often we forget to
Ah!  But certainly if the earth can turn without being noticed
           Then some words can be silenced
For they may lack a purpose
           Imagine the chaos that would erupt if
One day everyone
The population of this world would fall
To hear the earth's whisper
          My what a horrid
Miles Halter Aug 2015
If she only knew. Good lord if she only freaking knew.

She said that I was a major league player and she was just getting on the bench of recovery. She said she wouldn't catch up to the success that I am at but she doesn't know. How could she? She never listened when I spoke.

Our conversations were nothing more than her waiting for me to take a breath so she could say her bit.

I am not broken anymore she would say with happiness. As though she was the one to fix me.

I admit I am no longer shattered on the floor but that tribute goes to God. I don't live for anyone else because I want this to be the only hell I ever know.

What she doesn't seem to understand is glass never fits together exactly as it should and my rough edges still cut, still scar, still harm others and myself.

If she only knew.
Poetic T Dec 2014
Disagreed phrases,
Poisoned delirium spoke,
Untruths are listened.
A lie is still a lie which ever way told but ears do listen,
i Sep 2014
and she was not beautiful, but she loved.
and she was not kind, but she cared.
and she was not bored, but she listened.
and all because she was human.
and the people like her turned her into a devilish monster,
whose flaws are haunting.
and nothing could make the ache disappear.

— The End —