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Isheanopa Zvobgo Sep 2019
You found me dining with your demons.
I'd never meant to cheat on you.
You'd taken too long being timid
You'd gone to extra lengths to avoid me meeting your nearest and dearest.
You should have opened up to me,
Let me in.

His demons came to me.
They told me all the stories his lips didn't speak when they uttered "I Love you"
They told me heartbreaks that made me weep
and explained the ugly things in a way that rebirthed hem beautiful.
Surely, I  found myself running.
Running wild with his demons,
Hosting his imperfections without his consent.
Yes, I

We, them and I, became inseparable.
But till this day I believe;

The only thing uglier than the truth is my actions.
to be so bold as to elope, with his pretty little fears.
Sometimes we become demons to our nearest and dearest, accommodating their insecurities more than them.
Isheanopa Zvobgo Sep 2019
I remember seeing you.
I saw you dressed in good intentions.

But you were too busy seeing through me.
and that's okay as
I've always been transparent nature.

But how did you see my good intentions,
and still, choose an evil end?
Were you really that determined on your road to hell?

And I suppose you think you're entitled
But you'll never be that champ,
for you show no Decorum,
only tainted Discernment.
Isheanopa Zvobgo Sep 2019
Before you, I drank Ovaltine and Strawberry milk.
Before you, I had decaff half shot Latte's

Now I relish triple shot expresso's with no sweetener.
and even they don't compare,

the bitterness

                        of your aftertaste.
And its these feelings of you, that course through me like Caffeine.
Isheanopa Zvobgo Apr 2019
I'm a very average thing.
[with a lifetime shelf life]

But for you, I'll be a very good thing.
[and all good things come to an end]

If you look closely, I'm "Best [enxperienced] Before"
Reality sets in.
We are worthy when we are ordinary. We too must be experienced.
Isheanopa Zvobgo Apr 2019
From afar you looked like a knight.

But you were a trojan horse.

Tonight I'm burning.
Isheanopa Zvobgo Apr 2019
The sun is sick of me these days.
He doesn't see me.

I reek of desperation.

I know this because the stars, like flowers, have closed their buds.
I'm repugnant in this moment.
everything wilts when I am present.

The sky cries for me,
The clouds send rain to wash away these feelings,

but even the rain is drowning in my desperation.

Am I becoming more dire than global warming?
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