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NA Nov 2018
An alluring muse
That gracefully
Moved my soul
With her celestial tunes
The sun, too,
In awe of her divinity,
Bowed down
To herald the coming
Of a timeless beauty,
Of an ethereal glow,
Of  y o u
NA Nov 2018
The moon does not veil herself in the cloak of the night sky,
And whispers of no apologies for her flaws:
The craters, scars, and all else that manifests her.
In spite of her imperfections,
She shines with a light brighter than that of the seven heavens.
  Nov 2018 NA
He writes poetry
But no one knows

He writes poetry
He writes about love
And loss

He writes about smiles
And frowns

He writes about sorrow
And forgotten towns

He writes about how lost he gets
Caught up in his own mind

He writes poetry to
And about others

But no one knows

Know one knows the depth of his soul
Because they all choose to see the exterior
And that exterior screams

And preppy
Don't have souls

Or so they thought
Until the day he was consumed
By his own poetry
NA Nov 2018
The lighthouse was planted with its roots
Close enough to the faint smell of the salty water
Yet, keeping a safe distance from the ocean’s vicious waves.
And much like the lighthouse,
Not even my shadow dares to
Dance past the line
Between the calming shore
And the mysterious sea.
  Oct 2018 NA
I am dancing
with your demons,
and you're dancing
with mine.
And for a moment,  
we forgot we're in hell.
We're not living, we're just killing time.
NA Sep 2018
And so, I awoke
Where no sorrows are awakened.
Distant galaxies sang, pranced, and danced in the glee of the night
Eon long, lost constellations realigned and with joyous relief
Whispered beneath the chill of the autumn air,
“Oh, sweet child o’ mine,
He has moved your soul to happiness.
He has given life a new understanding,
Love a new meaning.”

Undoubtedly, that was true;
For thine words are so sweet,
So kind,
And so pure.

And though the future is uncertain,
To awaken to your bliss…
I cannot imagine more heavenly than that
And in those moments of realization
My heart,
I promised to you.
To my forever.
NA Oct 2016
And after all these years,
She finally found the love she's been searching for...

She found it within herself
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