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Hi, you have reached the voicemail box of Syreena Phelps. I am either working, sleeping, or too depressed to answer the phone. Leave your name, number, and a reason for me to live, and I'll get back to you as soon as I am mentally able. Thanks!
I'm trying to come up with a voicemail right now, & I can't seem to do it.
Philomena Jun 2019
I pick up the phone
My fingers start to dial
A number I've typed a hundred times
Yet never called
Cause what would I say
That I'm sorry?
That I'm going away?
That you'll never see me again?
No instead I turn it off and set it at my side
Cause I'm not going to die tonight
An answering machine never saved anyone.
adriana Apr 2019
i wish we didn't have to break up
every time you say your cell phone does.
you're avoiding everything i've got to say about us just because we're ending "us" again.
xmelancholix Apr 2017
I thought God was calling me until I realized my phone was dead and
my brain was just reverberating the ringtone that was ingrained in my head next to your name.
I'm so ******* lame, because
it was just the static along with the 100 miles with no signals.
a you showed me what love was when I thought my savior had left me.
I thought you were the one, darling..
only to have you smash my heart as much as my ******* phone screen.
it's okay though,
I have my network to back me up after you left me.
so more more dial tones.
Nick Moser Feb 2017
Human beings need help.
They can’t do it completely on their own.

That’s why we spend some time calling out to people.
But it just ***** when you keep calling out to those,

Who have already hung up the phone.
Arcassin B Dec 2014
By Arcassin Burnham

Writing your number,
To make sure I remember,
On that cold December,
Lost with ember,
Her name was amber,
Lovely as ever,
Jesus Christ would be intrigued,
At the creation he presented,
With a smile like yours indeed,
And your eyes I forgot to mention,
The love you give is incredible,
And your character kissed my heart,
And I was lost.......
And I was lost,
Making me figure out that what I've lost,
Is only a figment of my imagination,
Writing your name and number on this bag,
Is my motivation.
It was a 555 number lol
Poetic T Oct 2014
All I got every time
Was this
Please try again later,
I had tried to dial
But you weren't answering
My calls,
How could you disconnect
What we had
Our line was connected
For so long,
Were the voices at the end on the line.
But no matter
How many times I try,
"You'll not pick up"
I think your heart now rings for another
So my receiver I put down
As the call never to be
As our hearts are disconnected
Now from each other.
The tendril trees
Girdled, rootless, leafless, and lifeless
Planted Along trails
Blazed by the pony Express
Information fast

The tethered tress
Link each house online
So that lights will burn
Talk is text

Manners dictate it to be rude
Don't ring the phone at five
Its dinner time
No one is home

Its the modern family plan
Rarely if ever is everyone
Together at once
The hearth is cold
The head of the table empty
No one is home

Da da ling da da ling da da ling
Hello Leave a message at the beep

The connected age
A virtual world of
Artificial togetherness

— The End —