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Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2016
I was such a lonely person
And I had no distraction
I put on a face
For other’s satisfaction
My friends were fake
Was I a mistake?
And my name
Is Eleanor Rigby.

I am lost
Floating in a tin can
There’s no hope for survival
When people hear my words
My mind is gone
My mind is scattered like the stars
My eyes shine as bright as the sun
My heart feels blue
And there’s nothing you can do
And my name
Is Major Tom

Music is my soul
I am an eighth note
Bouncing along a musical staff
The guitar strings intertwine with my heart strings
I’ve got punk rocker vibes
I jam
I twist
I shout
And my name
Is Sheena

He loves me
The way he looks at me
In the moment
I mean everything
His thoughts
He’s confessed
And my name
Is Eileen

My support is endless
My love life brought me down
But my friends lift me up
When I found my one
My friends supported me
And my name
Is Jude

Take off the mask
Remove the disguise
Who am I?
You’re in for a surprise
I am the fixer.
The lover.
The keeper.
I am the ballet dancer
Graceful, yet vulnerable
I am 13, wide-eyed
And naive
I am 30, dealing with more
Than a kid should
Ever see

As time passes
You discover yourself
Become one with yourself
Love yourself
Or hate yourself

As time passes
You grow
Into a brand new being
As time passed
It’s almost as if
My brain said,
“I’ll have sadness
With a bit of
Happy on the side.”

But that has passed.
Has passed.
My brain is
Eating up that
Happy side dish like
There’s no tomorrow.
Now I smile like
I don’t care.
I live in a world
So unaware
Of what lies ahead
And sometimes
Of what fell behind
And my name
Is **Sarah.
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2016
He is my light,
my life, my soul.
He is my family
My partner
Unaccepted by my family
A long life choice
to sit by my side

Strong as the wind
in the city of Chicago
His love falls unto me
like a tree falls in a forest
Without the timber scream
No one will know
No one will see

Rushing through my mind
Once through him
His soul
from life itself
Where the darkness takes over

The ventriloquist of his heart
Where the lack of
takes over the ability to
Anything real

What does the future bring?
Sitting at a desk
But now,
Dying stress
Living in the world of
Waging the war of
Demacia and Noxus
When the real war is
against himself

Sister, brother, father, mother
He sits in their minds
but not in their world

The cycle continues.

Sitting in a photo booth
He stares at his whole world
His light,
His life, his soul.
I am his family
His partner
Loved by his family
A long life choice
To sit by his side
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2014
Don't trust the girl with the blades in her hand

The cuts on her wrists

That you'll never understand

She's got stacks of bracelets

But don't be fooled

She'll cut you into pieces

And make you cry like you're in preschool

Don't trust the girl who tells you she's done

She'll rip out your feelings

One by one

She'll blow up

And display her wrath

You won't survive the aftermath

She's not planning on coming back

Don't get close or else you'll crack

She will always be hellbent

On killing herself

Leaving your heart with a dent

So don't trust the girl with the blades in her hand

Tell her why

And she'll understand.
This is for Travis.
I know what you'd all like to say
      To make me feel better
"Beauty is on the inside"
       "You are beautiful"
But my soul is so tattered
       And my heart
Has been repeatedly
All the scattered
      bits and pieces
   You might find in there
          Between the scars and creases
     Would make you all run and hide
               If beauty shines from the inside,       Then I'm the **ugliest beast alive
The second in my series of 'lies'. Click #mylittlelies and #mytruths to read the rest.
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2014
I hate myself

I need to die

For all that I can do

Is cry

Create the storm

That rips apart

Bit by bit

My broken heart

My broken soul

My broken start

My broken mind

My broken heart
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2014
Screaming in pain

Screaming in blame

Screaming in fear

Screaming your name

Screaming through water

As Poseidon grabs my neck

Silently choking

As I breathe my last breath
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2014
You pushed me down

You made me cry

You made me wonder

“Why, why, why.”

Am I a fighter

That’s still in need?

Or am I the monster

You’ve made me out to be?
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