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Luna Nov 2020
they tell you
"if you love someone let them go"
and they say it like it's easy
Luna Nov 2020
it's funny how
one sour bite
can turn the whole apple
Luna Feb 2020
why do you even try?
you know they're not gonna talk to you
why would anyone want to talk to you
you're weird
you're gross
you're meant to be alone
Luna Feb 2020
im yours
always yours
forever yours
yours and only yours
your little toy
to use as you wish
use me and throw me away
im yours
Luna Feb 2020
how long will it take to forget me
a year
a month
a week
a day
how long until im faceless
stuck in old memories you
forgot were there
how long until
my name means nothing
Luna Feb 2020
today has been a
a day like many others
a day of tears
and depressive thoughts
and trying to remember how to
tie a noose
cause you learned
once when
you were twelve
but never went through
today has certainly been a day
a horrible, agonizing day
but a day nonetheless
and tomorrow will be a day too
and tomorrow’s tomorrow
and all the tomorrows after that.
Luna Feb 2020
I cant help
but wonder
if I could have
done something
to help you
to stop you
to free you
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