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Luna 3d
i accept chaos
whirling swirling chaos
all around us
we live in constant
the world is uncontrollable
so im content letting it happen
Luna 4d
everything is beautiful
through the lens of love
but take off those glasses
for nothing is what you make it
when you’re in love
One guy i used to have a crush on was a **** and i didnt realize it until i fell out of love ****
Luna 5d
I grieve
For the girl lost
I celebrate
the girl found.
Luna 5d
The look in your eyes
hurts more
than the blade
on my hip
Luna 7d
Existing is just
prolonging my

so why keep
Luna 7d
Golden clouds of honey
Coat my throat
Filling my heart
With warm, sticky wonder
Luna Aug 9
I dream
My eyes seeing nothing
But your face that isnt there
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