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BladeRunner Sep 2017
It makes me feel so safe
walking next to you-
nothing can hurt me
including myself
BladeRunner Aug 2017
Five times I have
in love with you
Five times I have
Have forgotten you

Maybe its all so
I could fall
for you
BladeRunner Aug 2017
How many broken hearts do there have to be
Why do so many suffer
What is all this heart break for

What could this world be
If love filled all the cracks
If it glued the pieces
That sadness and hatred
Has shattered all over

If my heart could once more feel warm
If I could
Feel once more
In your hands
BladeRunner Aug 2017
What do I do with all the words that I have left unsaid

The **** I want to say
But cant and wont

As if I was filling a bucket with teardrops

Keep telling myself
That one day Ill say it all
Its just that that day
Will not come


Writing is the only way I can
Let go of half of the burden
I set the words free
Even though
They never
Make it
To you

But somehow I feel
That they now
Are closer to you
And therefore
Am I
BladeRunner Aug 2017
would I be depressed
if you were always by my side?
I know you are
there for me
but I need you to squeeze my arm
so I know that you are real
that I am
that everything is okay
but I know I can't really
depend my sanity
on another fragile being
together we are stronger
but what if we are
BladeRunner Aug 2017
Playing games
To shield myself from everything
That could hurt me outside
My shattered core
So when I for once want to reveal
My broken soul
Noone belives me
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