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Sad Poems for Your Delight
hannah delight
Alberta, Canada    believer in beautiful things
Hello. Hi, how are you?


REAL Nov 2013
Delight is a girl, with brown hair and curvy raspberry lips,blue eyes and a crooked smile.She had one tooth that was pushed in on the side of her mouth, but it just added to her smile.Frail fingers and bitten nails,she was quite short but with long legs,and a button nose.She liked listening to music as she filled her room with smoke and dreaming. She was 24 and lived in a wooden house in europe near a lake.

Noel was boy, with black hair and and a small prickly beard growing on his face. he has brown eyes and light skin. His teeth are white but a bit yellow. big hands and bitten nails she was quite tall with big feet, or maybe its just his shoes. he was a tattoo of a balloon on his index finger he says"it means that i will always float on with my life." he likes writing poetry as he drank wine and smoked. He was 23 and lived not far  from Delight  and always biked everywere he went to.

Delight and Noel are friends since  his was 12 and she was 13. they sat near a lake and the water glimmered with the green trees lingering above the world.  eating sandwich's that he made. They talked...

Delight- so hows that one girl?

Noel-She left... sad...

Noel- sure it is....Hows that one boy?

Delight- He left also, found a girl with a better body figure.

Noel-****! i never liked him since i first saw him.

Delight-Whatever...he's gone.Why did she leave?

Noel- she said " you dont hold me right"

Delight- your kidding!

Noel- nope..

they break into laughter

Noel- i sure am a lousy guy... cant even hold a girl right

Delight-  sure you can... just need to find a girl who apreciates your touch and your poetic mind.

Noel- Youre the only girl who likes my poetic mind...

Delight- So maybe am meant for you...

Noel-...nah i dont like your crooked tooth...throws me off...

Delight- i dont like your big lousy feet anyway. always stepping on me, and hurting me.

laughter breaks from there mouths

Noel-... but  i sure do love your smile when you laugh, your tooth makes it unique

Delight- and i find it cute how many times you say sorry and give that look of worry on your face when you land your huge foot on me.

*they smile not looking at eachother...and there hands slowly ravel together
I know I can count on you tonight
even though we used to fight.
I look forward to our date night.
In memories I delight.
In this dark world you are my light.
I'd like to keep you in my sight.
In memories I delight.
I want to dance in the moonlight
and see the stars twinkling bright.
In memories I delight.
Come on and hold me tight.
We can dance to the song we both like.
In memories I delight.
You don't love me anymore
not since our divorce in '94.
In memories I delight.
For now we are two song birds
sitting in the same tree.
We both are free.
In memories I delight.
So see you on date night.
It makes us feel alright.
In memories I delight.