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Hannah Jones Apr 2021
Careful, love,
that you are not
too well-guarded,
sounding high alerts
until no one
dares approach
your gates.

Mind not to wind
yourself too tight
out of fear
to let loose
some brittle flaw
until you splinter
and shatter.

A closed fist
a lover never made--

Loosen your grip
on your expectations
of the audience,
and simply play
your part.

Come curtain,

we may
each other.
Just wondering if my friend/coworker finally got the stick out from wherever he stored it during our time together.

Those jagged edges hurt both ways, babes.
  Nov 2020 Hannah Jones
i’m trying to count up
all the minutes of life
i’d have
if i hadn’t spent them
writing poems
about you

and that’s math even i can do

nothing makes me feel alive
quite like writing poetry
about you

none of those minutes
are ever wasted
Hannah Jones Nov 2020
I refuse
to hate
the sum
of my

I will not
despise how
my heart
decides to love--

she is
her best.
Hannah's been experiencing a lot of Big Feelings and Triggers lately.

Hannah is trying her best.
  Nov 2020 Hannah Jones
you make forever
seem less like a concept,
and more like
all the tuesdays
Hannah Jones Nov 2020
Our minds write
in two
differet genres
but darling,
let's make a
Opposites attract.
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