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  Nov 21 Hannah Jones
i’m trying to count up
all the minutes of life
i’d have
if i hadn’t spent them
writing poems
about you

and that’s math even i can do

nothing makes me feel alive
quite like writing poetry
about you

none of those minutes
are ever wasted
Hannah Jones Nov 17
I refuse
to hate
the sum
of my

I will not
despise how
my heart
decides to love--

she is
her best.
Hannah's been experiencing a lot of Big Feelings and Triggers lately.

Hannah is trying her best.
  Nov 15 Hannah Jones
you make forever
seem less like a concept,
and more like
all the tuesdays
Hannah Jones Nov 11
Our minds write
in two
differet genres
but darling,
let's make a
Opposites attract.
Hannah Jones Nov 10
Things will never
truly be greener
on the other side--
there's just
different grass.

Tend to your own garden
and pay your friend's
a visit,
for company is what
makes things
I have wasted too many years sitting in jealousy; I'd crave what others had, even if we weren't in the same state of llife. As my friends grow older, I hope my desires mature, too.
  Nov 9 Hannah Jones
i find it funny
how often i speak of love
when i myself
don't quite know what it is
and don't quite know what the difference is
between romance
and romanticised.
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