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Luthfi Annisa Feb 17
Dear my long-distance boyf,

Maybe I feel too much,
maybe I love too much
it hurts.
to see you suffer,
to see you tired,
to see you having a hard time,
to see you not going through the day, as it should.

You have the right to laugh,
you have the right to be happy.

I hate them,
those who take all your time only for their sake
which leaves no time for you to breathe,
leaving no time for you to smile,
staring up at the sky
and mumble
"today is a beautiful day"

It's always cloudy for you,
it's always raining for you,
I know it can't be avoided
but seeing you,
make my heart really hurt
makes me flood my pillow every night
even though you don't know.

But I will always be here
for you
so cheer up
everything will be over soon
I will hold you tight when you return
and won't let you be released any further
Luthfi Annisa Sep 2019
Have you ever
felt cooped up?
in a narrow space
that you call
your most comfortable bedroom

It could be
your most comfortable place
or the place
where you feel most tormented

A place to hide
from what you fear
but also the place
that imprisons you

the narrow box,
it can be an echo of laughter
when other people are with you
but it can also
be a silent scream when you're alone

a bed
that only accompanies you
when you sleep
a pillow
that catches your tears

nobody hears you
because they all died

so who do you complain to
in your room
when you are sued
for mute?
Luthfi Annisa Oct 2018
A cruise,
towards a place
suddenly the waves shake me
the blue,
drown me in
hug me tightly
take me between choices
free but lost
sink and die
in the calm that I crave.

Give me time to float
air, pull me
sea, hold me
let me dying
while I ask this
to God,

Can I shed tears
on things that are not mine
can I despair
For pain that is not my body
can I kneel down
on things that I can't have a second time
Luthfi Annisa Sep 2018
Dream about the waves,
walk on the beach at night
in the crowds

I can still hear
and feel the waves
lunging on my bare feet
I don't know where I'am
but I want to dissapear there

humming and singing
without sound
or shouting things
i've been holding back
I can't lift my head
look at the sand between
my wet feet
and their feet pass me by

It's night on the beach somewhere
but I can see the light.
inspired by my dream, who missed the beach.
Luthfi Annisa Jun 2018
I don’t love the morning
Because I like to be asleep when the sun comes up
But I love the yellow sunshine
Entered through my bedroom window
Giving a shadow of the leaves on my wall

I don’t love the night world
People partying, drinking, and singing
But I liked the calm after midnight
The voices stopped shouting
The street was quiet
and the stars are blooming up there

I don’t like the darkness under the sea
and imagine sinking deep into it
But I love the blue of the surface
how quiet the sound of the waves
stop the other sounds that invade
And the soft sand when my feet stepped on it
Luthfi Annisa Apr 2018
Crave a blue yet shady sky
and a sense of calm
as you admire
the beauty of sunset

those bright brown eyes
staring at me deeply
without a word
that is difficult to express

a smile that attracted me
to smile too
and your laugh,
I'll put my life
to keep it bloom.
Luthfi Annisa Feb 2018
The afternoon sky was turning yellow
Into the dark,
and past the warm.
Sometimes it’s pink,
As sweet as the cotton candy,
Sometimes it mixed with gray,
Because it was wanting to cry.

Sometimes I can describe us up there
Smiles, laughter, and happiness,
Even my tears, touched as well as broken-hearted

This land is still the same,
If we stand and look up,
Right above your head,
It's still the same sky,
The same longing,
And I hope also the same feeling

Distance may separate the body,
but the sky can bring the soul closer
Stare at the sky at dusk
make me relax,
Realize that you
still down there,
under the same sky.
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