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Nadia Sep 21
Wasted space
Weak; no base
I am the solitary shoelace
Love finding random bits and pieces in old notebooks. wish I could remember what prompted this scribble.
LWZ Jan 24
Her spirit shines of skittles
The flavors you taste on a tropical island
Her soul is made of the first blanket of snow
Cold, but gleams so delightfully in the sunlight

When I look at her this is what I see
Something that I could never be
She’s a magnet to the people around her
Fixed like a child to their mother

A fire so easily contained
She cannot be tamed
Nor does she belong in a cage
The purest warmth you cannot disobey

I promise not to control it
I promise I won’t try to tame it
The fire inside of me is abstract to yours
It’s already ignited a forest to flames

A monster that I created
A fog rampant all around me
Rehabilitate my spirit
Teach me how to add color to my bleak existence
im in a pack of skittles
im a little black skittle
in a rainbow pack.

all my friends are various different colors;

and it makes me really sad,
when some of my favorite skittles,
begin to spoil.
they turn into a weird camo color.
it's ****.
and even though, i, myself, am a black skittle,
i want to watch the other skittles cluster together and form a rainbow.
Emma Sep 2018
I saw your skittles earlier.
Wasn’t planning on thinking about you,
The whole **** day through,
But if I’m honest —
And I am —
That was going to happen anyway.
Want you back.
Back here with me.
Still waiting for you to be somewhere I can watch your *******.
Counting the days,
Till you fly back to me,
And if you have an objection to the phrasing of that —
You can stuff it.
I don’t use it to escape
or make the pain go away
or to numb my feelings

it’s frowned upon by most,
some find it deadening
and others to be fatal
but I find myself crossing
swords with the few who
are brave enough....

its the fuel,
the self medication
that makes me feel
alive and goes
hand in hand
with my writing
and my daily life

it gives me the answers
that fit in with the questions
that so many people yearn for

while they sip on their
coffee and tea and
write poems about
skittles and unicorns
in their fantasy land
that doesn’t exist,

I write
what I see,
think and
feel is to be true
and real in this
maddening world

anybody can play
the protagonist
but it takes guts
to play the fool
stepping in the
wrong direction
in life and to be
deceived by those
who are on the
outside looking in

I have no use
to sugarcoat
I am here,
in a crowd full
of clothed people
with nothing to hide
except my face
behind a beard.

I am the disease,
the *****,
the conformist,
the cancer of society,
cells reproducing and I’m
eating up all your resources
with no logic or reasoning.

sober Rick,
when hungover,
will thank
drunk Rick
tomorrow morning
when he finds out
that he made a lunch
for him and didn’t lose
his car keys

his drive to work will
be more peaceful
and the food on his
lunch break will taste
more delicious
than those he’s
surrounded by.

bend over world
and deal with it,

I’m a drunk
in moderation
without any regrets

The people who scold me for drinking sometimes are the ones who inspire me. I don’t have a drinking problem, I drink just fine.
Berry, Fruity-Delicious, Skittles, rainbow, water-fall...
Berry, Fruity-Delicious, got them at the Mall
Sixteen year old ba-by, saw her walkin' past
Toss 'em in my mouth -chuck, the best things never last!
When you're eating candy you know you understand
fruity under-cover...
Skittles lead the way!

Berry, Fruity-Delicious, fill your mouth and hands
Got me a new girl-friend, Skittles made me the Man!
Keep me in a daydream, keep me goin' strong
From loneliness you saved me, happy is my song.
When you're eating candy you know you understand
fruity under-cover...
Skittles lead the way!
yeah yeah

Very fruity-delicious...
Remake of Superstitious by Stevie Wonder into a Skittles commercial theme song.

play the song and read it baby
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
Welcome everybody to the most exciting event of your lives.
Welcome one and all, and thank you so much for attending my funeral!

And I know you’re probably confused as to why this is an exciting event, but believe me, this is an event you do not want to miss!!

Make sure that when attending my funeral, that you do not wear formal clothing, and do not wear black.

I want you, to wear the most colorful thing you can find in your closets. I want my funeral to have so much colour!

There will be so much rainbow, that my funeral could be the set for a Skittles commercial!

Die with the rainbow, Taste the rainbow!

I, of course will not be dressed formal.

I’ll be working a pair of sweats, a t-shirt, an open jacket and a snapback turned at 180 degrees, because IT LOOKS AWESOME!

You all should also look as amazing as I do. But do not, under any circumstances look better than I do.

Remember, this is still MY day, I am the most important thing in this room, Why?!!??

Because I’m super dead!

Side note: I’m afraid of dying…

But it’s not like that matters anymore, because I’M DEAD. Literally living my eternal fear. (Or dying in my eternal fear.)

Anyway!! Another rule! Do not… get drunk on my funeral day. You MUST be sober, in order to fully experience this event for what it is. And what is it?? A celebration!!!

Why would anybody celebrate MY death, you ask?

This question has a simple answer: I don’t want you to cry at my funeral…

I want you to laugh, I want you to laugh so much, that you end up crying anyway. Laugh because even though a journey has ended, it ended on a good note.

I want you to party! Dance until your tire of moving! And when you dance.

Tell yourself that you feel good.

Because even though I’m dead, I’m thankful that you came to my funeral.

Enjoy the celebration.

And if, you write my eulogy, write about the times I made you laugh, or the times I won medals, or hugged you so tight because I really didn’t want to let go until I had to.

Don’t write that you’re sorry, or that I deserved more time, or that I’m in a better place now.

Thank you, for everything. And my last gift to you is giving you a reason to be happy in a time of sorrow.

Be happy knowing that you got to be a part of my life. Because I’m happy knowing that I was part of yours.
I can only hope my thanatophobic tendencies can make for a good laugh in good poetry.
Simon Obirek Oct 2015
Life's amazings
you've got so much to live fors
people love yous
are too much
I'd rather go out wildly
or by botch.

My defences are like chewing glass Skittles;
they're too brittle, my mouth full of shards
I'm spewing blood by the yards,
while switching wards;
I've tasted the rainbow,
the flavour was like ****
blow after blow, I've taken all the hits.
"Catching the bus" refers to the act of suicide. I will be making a series of poems on the topic, this is the second poem.
undefined Jul 2015
"I've always felt like a yellow skittle in a sea of red skittles."

"what a coincidence. yellow skittles happen to be my favorite flavor of skittles."


// you're my favorite flavor //
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