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Psychostasis Nov 2019
My initials
Three letters, representing the sounds I've obediently responded to my entire life
But acron- I mean initials
Can sometimes stand for multiple things

Take mine for example
It can stand for my name
"Jam and Oranges"
"Jail and Outbreak"
See? My initials can mean a lot

But when you take context
Which defines an acronyms given meaning
You get the exact meaning behind each symbol

So let's look at the context
My family tends to be repetitive
They're unable to easily cope with most things
And get overwhelmed by emotions to the point
Where they stick them in bottles to brew and fester
Well, I do that too
Ive been trying to stop
But I still do it

They drink
I drink
They smoke
I smoke
They act with reckless abandon in any given situation
They don't respond well to confrontation
Yeah. Hi.
Swearing like a sailor?

So maybe my initials don't stand for my name
Im sure they once did
But as far as I can tell
It could just as correctly mean
"Just Another Ortiz"
Karen M Jun 2019
Xylographed initials made by lovers over
Yonder in the suburb parks where the human
Zoo keeps them under watchful eyes.
The last 3 lines of an A to Z poem I'm working on.
Vexren4000 Feb 2018
Lovers initials,
Carved into the bark,
Of a tree hidden inside the wood,
Signifying a love,
That may stand alone now,
The only real memory,
A scrawling upon a tree,
Grown up so high,
That even the lovers could not find it,
No matter how much they try.

cait-cait Jan 2018
the room is red, through
eyes stained by
blue glass ,

vague memories plague
(a girl in a dress,
the orange sun, and the red
and white
of his walls)

i can’t believe i know you,
with water leaking
from your eyes .
one day,
i think —
while gassed,

ill carve our initials into
the first
tree i find ,
and cry into my palms
to help it grow .

maybe that will make me love you
im trying to get back into the groove of writing because things have been weird lately. This was supposed to be based off of my feelings about how nervous I am in my relationship but it turned into a poem about the video game bioshock,,,,: lol.. which I love no doubt but still.... I wish I could feel normal, I think my meds have stopped working.
Angela Rose Oct 2017
Did I love him right away?
Absolutely not
I don’t even think I liked him right away
He was cold, he was reckless, he was bitter
But his smile, when he smiled, he could light up a room
Did he love me right away? Of course not
I was loud, I was gaudy, I was too chipper and my laugh could make ears bleed
But somewhere along the way, somewhere along those years from started blending together and made perfect sense
I kept him alive and he kept me safe
Now here we are
And when we see each other on the street we might wave and we might share a smirk
But that is nothing compared to the energy we could have between us if things had gone differently
Nothing can compare to the epic love story that may have been, could have been, would have been
Racquel Tio Jun 2016
my initials
are rearranged art
and so are my words.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2015
Little Lolly LOL is not too bright
She types LOL day and night
She seems to think that abbreviation is
To replace things like parenthesis,
Or hahaha, hello or goodbye.
She uses it constantly, don’t know why.
The way she uses it is a blight.
As I have said, she’s not too bright.

We never met, Little Lolly and I
But it’s almost as if I can hear it;
Her ending every single sentence
With LOL as if it were a period.
She can be chatting about ******
Disease or crooked officials
But she manages to end it with
Those silly, mirthful initials.

Little Lolly LOL I am sure totally fails
To understand what she has said.
I even tried a few times to get
The idea into her fluttery head.
But to her, she is being ‘with it’,
To her it’s just like saying ‘whatever’.
And that it means laughing out loud?
She never quite puts that all together.

With Little Lolly LOL, that is the price
One has to pay for her friendship.
To be sure, she’s not being funny.
LOL is punctuation, not a valid quip.
She saw and somebody explained it
So, she grabbed it and she uses it.
It never occurred to her addled brain
That there was any way to abuse it.
Val Bellatrix Jun 2015
Your name in my dreams
Repeating itself over
And over again

Your initials etched
Permanently in my mind
P.S, thick in bold

And nobody here
Will ever figure it out
P.S, that’s your name

— The End —