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Tommy Randell May 18
Do you remember them
The people who taught you nothing?
This may seem a little stark
Perhaps even somewhat shocking,

But have you, have you really tried
Keeping their image alive
Those people who made no impact
Neither made you laugh or cry?

So, are they even shadows,
Or semblances of moments -
Can you conjure them intact
Or even partial fragments?

Okay, they weren't cast as heroes,
They had no lines to speak -
In your life they were Walk Ons,
Dramatis Personae sans mystique!

But, perhaps in some future self
A curtain will pull back
And in your mind you will be shocked
To remember them intact -

Those parents, lovers, or friends
Who reached out but could not grasp
As you strode into your Future
And never once looked back!

You who make no promises
May still cause pain and hurt -
When all is dust and the wind blows
All rocks become sand in the desert.
Edward Jan 8
don't be serious
you must try to smile far more
smile from ear to ear
Rambo Dec 2016
I contend
That I have
Hated the guts
Of another human being

For the guts
Are not
Responsible for
The actions
Taken by their host

Nor are they at fault
For the decisions
Made by the mind
Of a madman

The humble guts
Are only but
Organs with purpose:
And continuation
Of life.

I have
Never exclaimed
“The nerve
of some people!”

For the nerves
are merely devices
through which
a person
may harness
the sense of

But some people
Go on
Through life
Without feeling
Things like
Emotion of any kind

I pity them
And I ponder
I envy them
At times
I am fascinated
By them

Pity crosses with
And I ponder again
Intrigued –
All three.

I wish to know
How to be
A wretch
A *****
A *******
A criminal
An *******
A licentious *****
A nuisance
A mean *******
But feel nothing at all

I want to know what it’s like to be cold and callous and without regret or remorse
Without a single ******* care in the whole entire world

But all I can do is speculate
That it is
Unlike anything;
Just like nothing at all:

Emptiness without knowing what fulfillment is
The coldness of not knowing the definition of temperature
The hardness of living life as compressed carbon atoms also known as diamond but without knowing I am or feeling like a jewel

I may not quite myself be a gem
But I can feel
I can hear loud and clear
I love to be whole
I love to be warm
I love to love
Because I am not a wretch
I am not a *****
I am not a *******
I am not a criminal
Or an *******
Or a licentious *****
Or a nuisance
Or a mean, cold ******* –
At least for the most part

I am
a human-*******-being
And I will never try
To be anything but.

It was
Never guts
It was always,
And forever will be
Folks with their heads up their butts
And brains in the drains
Who waste
Our precious air
And time.

One can certainly say
They feel it there
But alas
That is not
The choice is made
Nor is that feeling
What upon
the action is taken.

One should not hate
Another one’s guts and nerves –
It should be
The mind within the brain
Who takes all the blame;
Everyone else is just doing their jobs.
Elizabeth P Jun 2016
(n.   a state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence)

Maybe it's the thrill of adventure that lures you-
The thought of getting caught red-handed,
The feeling of flesh parting and revealing,
The spray of fresh warm blood on your skin.

Maybe it's a thirst that spur you forward-
The need for the adrenaline rushes,
The desire for vengeance or payback,
The want to fulfill your deep blood lust.

And so it happens, swing after swing after swing-
Ruptured veins and crimson staining your vision and soul-
As hateful and warm as the hell you know you'll burn in-
Come what may, you think, as you fall and the kuebiko settles in.
Elizabeth P Jun 2016
Flowing steadily, dancing on skin-
Losing control, darkness consuming-
It drips, drops, pooling on the floor-
Scent of sin stinking and bruising...

Hemorrhaging, scratching profusely-
Shades of beautiful crimson red-
Open scars from stitches undone-
Prolonging agony and pain...

Satisfying the blood lust within-
Stingy smell of primal needs of man-
Nothing beats the euphoria felt-
Flesh opens and gore gushes out...

Regret comes only after it's done-
Washing the red stains off shaking hands-
Is it regret? Satisfaction?
Either way the deed is long done...
*written in a rush after watching Maroon 5's Animals Music Video
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
These hands of mine
Are perfectly fine
Whether I am clapping
or snapping
They are perfectly benign
Even if they can't draw a straight line
as they cut their lifelines
They serve me well
when sending them all to *hell
Even though these hands of mine
Are perfectly fine
They tend to tremble
with excitement
Whenever something seems to resemble
chloe hooper Dec 2015
my heart
will never be as heavy as the ones of the
children who are forced to learn the anatomy of a gun
in two seconds
flat. it doesn't matter if you believe in
god. god finds calm in
violence, god doesn't come
here, to the schools that are named after presidents and
townspeople who've done good
deeds, places
that were supposed to be

my heart
will never be as heavy as the ones of the
parents who sent their kids to
school in dresses and ironed
khakis and two little
pigtails and got them back in
body bags. there are no
flags here. no Purple Hearts
for the kids who couldn't wait long enough to find
Häz Figueroa Jun 2015
What's happening?
My feeling is keeling
over like a rooster
Losing my sanity
All feeling's vanity.

Where's the knife?
I want to survive.
I don't want to be trapped
in this stage of insecurity
I need to let loose,
like a goose.

Blood's all over the room.
This never-ending feeling
of satisfaction
what is it?
Is this
I've forgotten how to tell.
Do I need help?
Am i in vain?
In [email protected]?

I'm laughing.
I can't ** stop.
Is this humor?
My third eye
has closed
my actions
are no longer futile
the heads
hanging from the ceiling fan
are you pr0ud of me?
Why are you quivering?
Why are you running?
That's what your lips are saying.
Why're you on the floor?
You're still breathing.
Are you sleeping?
C'mon, wake up.
cAN I pLay w!tH yOU, Too?
My first freestyle, based on some psychopathic insanity that I've been struggling with for the past few years.
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