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Karijinbba Oct 2020
Where do I begin!?
Bohemian Rhapsody
Yellow Brick Road
Angelina Jordan loves
SanGutier Angelina
adores Courtney Hadwin
River deep,
Mountain high dancing feet!
Pretty Little Things,
America got talent!
James Brown's;
fantastic dancer skill.
Barry White lover boy!
Elvis M, Frank Sinatra's
sad song "My Way."
Marcelito Pomoy man-girl voice!
Lewis Amstrong,
"What A Wonderful World"
Dancing Monkey
John Lennon Imagine!
C-hamRk-rocks too
I'm loving them all.
Wish you had seen this
true inner singing dancing
Quee-bee-me within
for drone inner you love.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights
Eleanor May 2020
How ridiculous it is
to think me and you
there was never a reason to be true
where did everything end up
im outside and youre blue
i paint portraits and poems
he wouldn't like this. god. cobain.
jack **** is what i got
some compliments that didnt add up
you want nothing and thats still a lot
where do we even end up
this isnt what i wanted
we dont mesh, the colors on your collar
and the sweat on my breast
was there sometime out there you felt the insecurity of my flesh
i hear birds chirp now, your season gone
i ask myself how i let things get so wrong
play acoustic until fall asleep
fast and weak i take a seat
wish again you were here with me in this park
next to the street
i feel you even when youre not here
not sure if its you or a ghost i feel near
i want you to be what you can never have
you want me for my years on letterman
wheres your angle
you do nothing for free
(you aren't jack ****
you can't **** with me)
i watched too many courtney love interviews tonight, if that ***** can play guitar me the **** too.
b Dec 2017
There's a parallel universe where I have abs
And cool hair.
Where I ride the bluest wave Back to shore.
Where I tell people to *******
Because I hit every ball
They ever threw at me.

Instead I give myself a mulligan.
And surf the green waves of the flatline.
And hum the same B flat
Until it sounds like
I couldn't think of a title so
kerri Nov 2016
How I long to see you
Open your mouth and tell me the truth
Please tell me you're being honest
Everything that you are is what I adore
kerri Oct 2016
you are the sun
I am nothing but a dwarf planet
I orbit around you and rely on you for warmth
you give me life
kerri Oct 2016
my anxieties keep me up
they tell me you might not like me as much as i like you
you unknowingly punched those worries in their ugly faces
you make it obvious to me
i love you too
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