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Josie Stewart Dec 2020
Visibility is a choice,
But it's a choice I make for me
And for my siblings without a voice.

Many years I let my secrets brew,
Bubbling up an intense anxiety.
I trusted little with few.

I can't do that anymore.
I've bared my soul to the world,
And I won't shut that door.

Friends and family confided
In me their own pains--
Their inner world benighted.

Some said I empowered
Them to show themselves:
Seeing how I flowered.

Years I feared being me
Would hurt those I loved.
Instead I set them free.
Kitten Yvad Oct 2020
Do not tell me
im too much and spiral
into out of space
waiting to hear that I am not

I can take directions
4, 5 at a time, listen its
discipline but I

can only take so much
of your snide, teasing "harmless"
remarks before i crack

I am with you always
i haven't energy for that

Baby something please.
ask me something practical.
ask me to deliver on a promise

start slow, your words are so heavy god your evaluation so much.

I will get better.
Don't tear at me.
Tell me you know I will.
Remind me I have always been
Tell me you know I will
stargazer Jan 2020
being ignored doesn't scare me

i'm afraid of people listening
Nicole Tracii Nov 2018
According to A: There’s no way I can be straight because I’ve dated a girl.
According to B: I’m way too straight to ever be in to girls.
According to C: That one girl I dated was just a phase.
According to D: It was just “experimentation” or “curiosity” totally natural.
According to E: I’m the token straight.
According to F: I’m to pretty to be into girls.
According to G: I don’t even look like I could be gay.
According to H: I’m just saying I’m not straight for attention.
According to I: My feelings don’t mean anything.
According to J: OBVIOUSLY I’m bisexual, why don’t I understand?
According to K: I’m just easy.
According to L: I’m only pretending to be into girls for male attention.
According to M(e): ….

What about according to me?
clearly everyone else’s opinions are the only ones that matter when it comes to my ****** preferences
Iris Nyx Feb 2016
When I open my mouth
And words stumble out
the wrong ones
bring my pride down south

"I'm gay"
I say
every time, every day
every way

And then I speak up
and clarify
"Well, actually
I'm bi"

I hope my shame is as discreet
I hope one day I can say it clear
"I'm bisexual, isn't that neat?"
And I hope it is so this year
I've always has a problem saying Bi instead of gay
I've internalized this sense of biphobia
because I'm ashamed of the stigma attached to the word Bisexual
and I work every day to get rid of that timidity
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
When ink turns into fog
And you are on shaky ground
Impaired visibility
And clouded thoughts
Slowly engulfs your mind
You try to find your way
Through the unknown
No way to know
Whether you reached the precipice
Where your thoughts
Shall be history forever
Deep abyss waiting
For you to surrender
The pen you held till now
Scatter away the pages
They hold no meaning
Or, wait for the fog to clear
And walk towards the clear stream
Take a dip to rejuvenate
The soul and mind
Amitav Radiance Nov 2014
The darkness absorbs light
and the day becomes wary
of the blinding glare
If you can find your way
through the darkness
you will have been a traveler
who walked neath the stars
reflecting more light
than the day can hold
letting you see clearly
the path ahead

— The End —