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This cold feeling has got me heated
I need some spring cleaning before I fall
It’s not a secret to adore
I know how fast word travels
Give another fact, full cap, like a Snapple
What am I waiting for?
You’re not number one anymore
Got drunk, spilled guts, cold pressed apple
I just don't know
I just say I'm fine
when really I'm not
my soul is on fire
screaming on the inside
and my sense of worth is shot.

I don't know
what makes me breathe each day
the hand that stirs the ***
the urge that pushes me to the end
I have never seen this book being written
perhaps I am just waiting to transcend.
Sha Jun 2018
Silence and space. We have now mastered the trick. And we are living it. No cues. No dramatic transitions or face-slapping moment.
Dead air is not even awkward.
The parlor games are busted.
It just happened one Tuesday morning inside Starbucks after you ordered your iced Americano and my vanilla frappuccino, no whipped cream,

Maybe there's a sequel to this story, but for now, we should roll the credits.
Sleep is a wonderful place.
Sleep takes us to escape on a dreams never ending journey.
Rejuvenates your energy, to a positive start.
Wake up and breath then go to sleep and grieve, cry, meditate, smile, blush or however your day made you feel.
Go to bed with the feeling life gave you, for as it makes you who you are the next day, even if it's negative, give yourself a fresh new start.
They say insomniacs never sleep, but they have to sleep at some point in time.
Sleep is a wonderful place, to be in your warm bed under the blankets.
Go green fabrics.
Sleep is wonderful, I recommend you try it.
Clouds and blue skies, counting sheep jump over the fences, moon and stars, happy feelings, oh darling, don't be afraid of the dark, I promise, it'll take you somewhere special. Dandelions, sunflowers or fields to valleys filled with bright green grass and light with love. Put on your pajamas, sleep naked.
Do what works for you, to make your dream work. To sleep wonderful.
It's your moment to think, reflect on your day. But what will happen the next we won know until we sleep wonderful.
Credits to;
Gourav R Dwivedi, for recommending the title of this poet.
Thank you all for reading.
Jacob Jun 2017
"How's it going kid?"
"How's life?"
"How's the plan to make it off alright?"
"Can you tell me how Mom is?"
"Your girlfriend, your boys and the rest of the team?"
Knowing you, all these questions keep you up all night

You keep losing sight of your dreams
But keep yourself in check
Remember why you're here and don't ever forget
Claim all of your regrets
Quit blaming **** on your past
And decide what you're going to do next
Because there's a deadline
Just hang in there for the mean time

Kid, I know the feeling
Are you still awake?
Close your eyes and stop staring at the ceiling
Stop being hesitant on what you have to do
Don't forget that Mom and Dad put their trust on you
So you got a lot of things to prove
No tears, no fears and no weaknesses
Breathe and give yourself a little more credit
Because tomorrow, you've got walls to breakdown
Khay Jul 2016
Its only in the movies where "love" conquers all; its only in the movies where the credits cant roll before the guy and girl are back together;
its only in the movies where 'happily ever afters exist'; its only in the movies where it takes just minutes to get over someone;
its only in the movies where people say these amazing poetic speeches and everythings ok;
But this is not a movie, there's no glass slippers or knights in shining armor
But i wish this was a movie, I promise I'd practice the script til i got it perfect, til I was your perfect
You've said your peace but I haven't run out of words but maybe this is the last scene
so let the credits roll

— The End —