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Steve Parker Apr 28
Nectar of the honey bee, serene
My light wispy treasure in the sky
If all the stars turned to glass and shattered
For just one more moment on your lips
The morning is perfect for the moon

....and you are perfect for me
Seanathon Apr 19
Reteach me the lesson
Not greatest of all
But most pertinent to me
Which dissolves all resentment
Teach me that of contentment
Ambition needs its limits
Eric Apr 17
To tell a story I cannot keep , you came to me in a dream . your name was blissfully placed , in my mind and all I thought about was your face . how you loved, how you acted.   even the smile that you seem to have  rejected. I sat in class in silence . but in my mind I was committing relationship violence.  I took the step to contact you my first day out . and without a doubt I knew you was mine before you found out . I asked to hang just as friends , then you brought a friend . who soon went home and we began our night all over again . on that stage with no music playing.  you was the only rhythm I was dancing . we made love on that stage an it , made my heart complete ,it torn every sheet , I ever woven over my heart . it's deep . you have seeped into my mind , with feelings so Devine . that I forgot that there was a thing like time . I went away to a place you couldn't stay . a place I still regret till this day . prison is the word I'm trying to say. but you stuck by my side anyway . you was my Outlook my future . my love . and everything now an days looks as if I gave up . did I? or did you forget what our love was.  my bad side turned out , you was scared of me , but I was scared of losing you without a doubt . all these accusations ? when did they even come about ? . why question my love in mornings light , or even when I kissed you every night goodnight . what happen to us planning our daughter , just so you could send my heart into a slaughter . I was dealing with cancer , and I'm sorry I forgot my anger . when condemned with such a burden , when I'd give my life to a stranger . but I filled you with anger . your took my house , my home , my love , and my daughter . and you wonder why I cut to relieve everything that you've  deceived .I feel like there's nothing left of me . when everyday was to work hard for a roof over your head , you see . I made that a part of me . I made that a goal to be . not for someone else to envy me , and take my heart like it's a enemy . that's what's inside of me . even the days that it's hard to see , that our love could be , but still I'm fighting with every bit of me . to keep me , from destorying your dreams . as you destroyed my every dream . cause you thought it was impossible to be . now I'm blind and I cant see babe. you left me heartless , and I feel as if I'm fading . to the back of your mind I'm a cheater . a two timing peice of **** wife beater . how is her mind so twisted since I met her . everyone tells me I can do better . but I lover her so much , I let her . break me down to the very sound of my heart beating in my ear . even when we ain't close my heart still beats for you dear . in time you'll know by the stories told . that you was my one and only love , to grow old.
Amber C Apr 3
to just be, gives me peace
like watching birds communicate
on a branch through the kitchen window
watching waves hit the rocks
white foam painting the dark blue sea
there is peace out there, and in me

happiness is fleeting, yet it is
also there to stay
it becomes my friend, day and night
exits the scene
when there is trouble, but instead
of "goodbye", it's "see you later"

if happiness were a friend
i'd text them all day, greeting
"hi how've you been?" "are you up for lunch?"
"dinner?" "what have you been up to
lately?" but some days i settle down, knowing
that they'll come by when needed

to just know, gives me peace
there is power, soft and steady
but oh so there, in knowing
that happiness will always return
to me, to everyone, always
coming back home
Tori Mar 25
Its the resounding footstep in a hollow stair
The swift tapping of a keyboard at midnight
The the delicate ripple of far away laughter
The hum of a crowd that's subdued to a hush
The crunch of footsteps on a worn gravel path
And the crisp titter of birds in the morning air

Its the refreshing kiss of rain-washed walk
The warming embrace of oven-fresh bread
The melancholy notes of steamy espresso
The calm of an herbal tea held to the lip
The musk of an old book discovered anew
Its newly-cut cedar in a woodworkers shop

Its the movement of limbs to a lively tune
A welcome stomachache caused by a laugh
The firm, tender grasp of a loved-one's hand
Cascading warm water along bare skin
The cool of a breeze on the laborers brow
Its bear feet tripping through the grass in June

Its a leaf-eclipsed glimpse at the blue of the sky
The miscellaneous covers on a library-shelf
Sunset dipped clouds or'e a tree lined horizon
The dark of wet ink scrolling across a blank page
The vast dome of a galaxy untainted by light
Its the generous exchange of lover's keen eyes
xtine Mar 22
it drains me
to see a reflection
of underneath my skin
because what lies beneath
is oxygen-starved blood
by the fears that strangle
my being;
my body drags me
to encounter the day
that i wish i didn’t have
to be a part of,
hoping that everything would
just. stop.
let me try to catch my breath,
just one more fog of air
to blur that reflection
that’s not worth seeing.
listen to the squeak
of my fingers
caressing the glass:
two dots and half a circle
so at least
one of us is happy;
but it didn’t last.
soon enough,
the two dots began to cry
like the reflection it tried to cover
because it too
had the constant thought
of not being good enough
Blessings upon my life
To happiness and success,
Toast to the rough times that went by
For !
Feelings cannot collide in such a magnificent mind
Where gratitude is a muss.
Potentials and Possessions
Make hasty the patience from us
Assuring eminence of obscurity from hurt
Leaving only,
Blessings upon my life.
It's mwe Feb 28
A girl created her own deep hope
When she is broken,
She put her feelings into poems
And she listened to every single silent of her soul
And jumped into a buried smile
And gathered all the sparkling frustration
And disappeared in a covered damage;
She is a master of a nicest holocaust

Until she discovered her own contentment
And destroyed the unfortunate events
of herself
And cherised a timeless adventure
And rewarded an aimlessly silhouette
And pondered an untouchable bliss;
She is a master of a wildest serendipity.
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