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Vince Tanaka  Sep 2016
Vince Tanaka Sep 2016

Love, happiness, contentment the things I learned from you,
Hardships, struggle, pain the things I endure for you.

Every move that you make I'm watching you,
Behind your back I'm always here waiting for you.

I'm weak but I'm getting strong because of you,
I want to be kind and brave like you.

You chase all the problems in front of you,
Then you smile like it was nothing to you.

All I ever want is to be with you,
To become happy and to grow old with you.

Saying you loved me and my importance to you,
Is the very reason why I fall for you.

The girl that makes me happy it was you,
Each day will never be the same without you.
To my future special someone.
East Wind Oct 2018
The old man said:
The key to contentment is to find yourself
deep within yourself until you can learn to drown out the voices of the world.
For so long, I was confused about what he was trying to say. Now I think I understand. It's all about believing in our own capability to handle life as it comes. Other people's validation may seem nice and sometimes it is but it is never to be our main source of motivation or strength. What other people think about us does not determine our ability to be sufficient. We have to understand who we are and be comfortable with ourselves; our hopes, dreams, strengths, and failures too. Because when we understand all of the beautiful, ugly, dark, and beautifully dark parts that live within us and learn to accept them, we can lovingly work to better ourselves. I read a quote today, "Wherever we're trying to go, we do not bully ourselves there. We believe ourselves there."-Leeana T. When we love our own self enough to stop listening to the chatters of world, we can finally let go of our self-loathing and take a step forward to being content.
Cay Genevro Sep 2015
Don’t cry because they told you
that their love has slipped away.
Because when I was young, I knew a boy
who watched the sun rise everyday.

So one morning, I sat out with him,
I sat silently in awe.
But because he had seen so many rise
6 a.m. was all he saw.
He was blind to the beauty of the sun,
because he started taking it for granted.
But as I watched, I couldn’t speak
and I found myself enchanted.

We all deserve the love of someone
who will watch us rise time & time again.
Someone who will never see us
as just another 6 a.m.
Christian Bixler Feb 2019
Take the thistle
seen by the roadside
that is remarkable
in your eyes above all
for its color, and for its
solitude, and set it in a
*** of good soil in
your house, upon
the window-sill.
There let it sit,
day in and day out,
crown turned
sunwards, and its
leaves outstretched.
Guard it well
from those insects
that would
devour it, and
give it water,
once per week.
Hold it as a
***** friend,
as a child,
before whose
passing shall
leave the world
many times its
number, that the
likeness of the
thistle be always
kept in memory,
and in time.

Here, and in such things,
is found beauty.
Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Hope's a hopeless hobby.
Nihilistic mother
taught steely melancholy.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Wisdom dashes all wishes.
In egodeath, discover
how free a nebbish is.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
We are not indebted
to Indian givers stellar:
stardust smarts our fetish.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

The stars eat their young.
Orion universe, hunters,
whose lotus lights stun slums.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
Lifes tragically hard
more things going wrong

Sometimes I do wonder
how sorrowful
the lyrics would be
if written as a song

A song of great love
and trust

Of passion

Of illness  
and fear

Of anger
and heartbreak
over the one I hold dear

What sad lyrics they'd be
If my life with you
were a song
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