Brujo Alligatore May 2015

Read the entry on decomposition.
Disagree? Go see your physician.

I thought I should do this for the spiritual value of belittling myself
Brujo Alligatore May 2015

I don't want to rhyme with decomposition
All of it is too corny
But how sad.
Decomposition is where I'm headed.
And the idea of the process is so full of poetic juice,
But rhyming with that word would cheapen it.
As would a pun about de-composing this poem.
just fuck yourself and make an appointment with your physician.

[Middle finger emoji]
Alternate title: Ode to the 'Decomposition' wiki (no seriously read the decomposition wiki entry. It's fascinating!)
Joseph Hart Jul 2014

I dug a little and I cried a little
On a hillside that was steep,
So my mama could sleep.

Each dig I dig it‘ll
kill me, gotta dig a grave six feet deep,
I dug a little and I cried a little

The birds I hear them tweet,
I don’t want to see her go so I piddle,
I want my momma to sleep.

Someday on this hill we’ll meet
The dirt is hard and rock riddled,
I dug a little and I cried a little

I’m the only one to do this deed,
The worms will have their nibble,
but my mama will sleep

I’ve finished my job and I’ll have to venture,
I’ve dug so long the ground is sleet.
I dug a little and I cried a little
So my mama could sleep.

To Libby and her Mother.

— The End —