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Vyiirt'aan Nov 2017
Satisfaction lingers
The inherent bliss that warms
The buried fears that flounder,
The abolishment of qualms

The radiant glow materialises
Substantiating to a path
Hop onto the luminescence
Guiding you to your guard

I am a container

A crystalline beaker fills me to the brim
With affection in a golden hue
The amber nectar seeping in abundance

As a tap leeches my soul, my mere essence sways
As I bleed and stand on crystal shards

An empty vessel yields no spirit
From the empty barrel that remains
For a heart devoid of soul would not
Display nor muster

I am the light that dissipates
Yet the darkness brought me back
It does not leave me alone
Why does it clamp itself to my back

Get it off
Get it off me
GET.    IT.    OFF.    ME!

It does not leave me alone
It does not               leave me        alone
It does not        leave        me alone
It        does not leave        me        alone

                                ­    leave

                                        ­                                                         *It doesn't...
Quixotic Coeus Nov 2017
Was lost, my heart so erratic
Split, drowning in thought
Never found, he emerged pragmatic
Shut, he paves through my struggles
Hidden away, We are systematic
"I struggle and emerge"
Nylee Aug 2017
My best lies are true
these few, that grew
nobody sees the other face
nothing more than a praise.

The moon in the night sky
knows why
he's the only one chosen
he knows, so I'm not alone.

With time,time changed
green leaves coloured
fine days arrived
and reasons tried.

Real lies turned gold
the truth got hold
from all the narrative perception
to come to concealed realisation.
Caroline Grace Jul 2017
Concealed depression is
Buying water proof mascara
So you won't have to reapply makeup
after each daily breakdown.

Concealed depression is
Laughing at everything
so they won't question
why your eyes always water.

Concealed depression is
staying up until 4 a.m
because it's the only time
you can ignore the world
and no one will notice.

...Or concealed depression is
taking three melatonins
in hopes you'll sleep deep
enough to keep the terrors at bay.

Concealed depression is
Staying consistently busy
So your mind will be too exhausted
at the end of the day to fight you.

Concealed depression is
the impatient selfish monster
that burns bridges as you cross them.

Concealed depression is
feeding yourself lies like
"I'm fine" or "I won't cry".

Concealed depression is
the uphill battle that you don't get to win once;
it's a mountain you're forced to climb every single day.

Concealed depression is
silently screaming, hoping someone
will have super sonic hearing,
swoop in like a bat,
and carry you under their wings.

Concealed depression is
never hugging too tightly
or meeting a gaze too intensely
in case your guts may slip
out before you can catch them.

So when they accuse you of changing,
when they accuse you of rage and indifference,
of violence and apathy,
when they ask why you never called,
when they ask why you never told them,
all you can say is that concealed depression
is like an overbooked hotel and there's only room for one.
All you can say is that you were afraid
Your darkness would drown them too
and then there would be no one left to save you.
Adelaide London Jan 2017
Who am I?

I am love
but I am not love.
I wear love’s coat,
like a blanket
and hold its
sweet, sweet smell
a perfume too expensive to touch.
Those who dare,
always pay the price.

You see
I am not as kind as love.
I do not care.
I do not embrace with loving arms.
The heart rules the mind.
I make
your body the master of your heart.
Your soul is tossed aside.
It is no worth to me.

I am a coward.
I flee at the sight
of pain
and do not help.
It is not my job,
after all.
My job is to leave you enshrouded
intrigued torn upon captivated enthralled clouded
in the mystery that you thought
was love.

I am not love.
never will be
never have.

I am the jealous best friend.

The one always trying to steal the limelight.
Who sometimes comes before love.
Steals love.
With grimy hands,
Covered in jeweled gloves.
I do not feel with the heart,
I feel with the body.

Sensual. Aroused. Intimate. And stimulated.

Who am I?

I am lust.
Differentiating between love and lust. I believe that there should be a guidebook for that.
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I pulled myself strongly from keep thinking of her!
I dragged the thought from reaching my brain to give that note that i missed her badly!
I locked my crying papers inside that drawer, so they won't be engraved happily on those lines talking how she is in every corner of my day!
I sent all those feelings and thought to the land of Doubt, to confuse them from being true about their existence!
I've victimized all my belonging, so I won't let her know how do i see her in my world!
I've concealed my vibes throughout the day, to let the mind take cover my heart!
                                                      But!!!....­.I failed!!!!
I failed not to tell myself, I am in love with her!
I failed not to write for her!
I failed not to free my memories from her!
                                                     And.... I am Still...
                                                        ­   Failing!
Autumn Daze Feb 2016
Do you really think that I don't know
I knew it from the very beginning,
Though I tried to give you a chance to admit it,
Yet you didn't and lied to me.

Why do you have to conceal it?
Is it your way to make me feel lame
That I've been so harsh to put you in a pit
And this is a way to throw me all the blame.

I don't blame you cause I know I've hurt you
Maybe this is your way to be honest
Though thinking about it makes me blue
What you did is a revenge at its best.

I'll let you do that till you're done
Do it as long as you want to hide.
Jordan Fischer Dec 2015
We live In a land where the people romance the reality
Instead of embracing and facing the realism  
In attempts to make it better for these little boys and girls  
Not realizing they are implanting pessimism
Causing their minds to be closed with frailty
And the creativity within that should spark and swirl
Instead lies dormant, Suppressed and concealed.
Leading to people who know nothing and have faith
That they know everything.
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