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icelar Mar 8
no one can waste my time.
if they waste my time, i'll waste it back even harder.
no one can bully me.
if they bully me, i'll bully them harder.
the world isn't fair sometimes.
but if it isn't fair to me, i'll take it down myself.

i don't need help, unless i do.
in which i will be my own help.
if there's a wall between my goal and i,
i'll kick it down.
sometimes i might actually need help.
but i won't like to admit it.

want to dethrone me?
i dare you to try.
you won't even get close.
by the time you're applying to your first job,
i'll be the CEO of the company.
by the time you get a promotion,
i'll be a self-made billionaire,
born from immigrants into an unfamiliar country,
started with nothing and then worked my way to the top,
faster than you did, even though
you had a head start and you had privilege
and you had all the cards.

(i took them from you in a dazzling play. now stop whining about nothing and get to work.)

because after the day is done,
i will always be faster than you.
and i'll do it twice as good, in half the time.
entj mindset
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
Straight from the ashes that burned bright and cold
I’ve risen to the chaos that spawned that day,
My wish upon the stars rising bright and be folds
For the future I've seen will never fade away.
Monsters and enemies swarmed us like black fireflies
As we were stuck within the blazing sun,
Hearing the siren that came from upon the bright sky
We proceed to escape, watching soldiers run.
What yet lies beyond the naked eye’s truth
Will be swift, merciless and sharp,
All the friends I've made within my youth
Has betrayed me, leaving me in the dark.
Heed my request young warrior of the night
Don't be scared or stunned for even a second,
Draw your blade and face against the blight
And rise to the top with soldiers beckoned.
For a fraction of a heartbeat I come to my faith
As the eight maidens sing in unison within the cold,
Reaching out from the darkness of the void, I hesitate
As my lost story begins to shift and unfold.
And as the tainted leaves start to descend and be rotten
Deep within me, an energy comes out untold,
I am the protector of the withered and fallen
I am the true commander of my soul.
Trumpets' fanfare, riding, riding
'Neath the Blue and Red,
Gallopped Marshal Jimmy Donald
While the Tunak fled.

Marshal Jim rode off the valley
Down to Tunak-land;
Rounding off the sub-bots and
The Kumars' brutal hand.

Raise the standard, sons of iron!
Charge, ye horsemen brave!
Soar, ye warplanes, into battle,
We've got lives to save!

Marshal Jimmy, our commander,
You direct the way!
Through the dim and crooked darkness
To a bright new day.
Subrat Rath Jul 2018
Calm and cool came the Lord along with the rising sun.
Invigorated and refreshed fought along with me life's battles.
Feeling His touch forgot all my wounds and hurts.
Mind never felt tired and dejected as Lord was the commander.
Saw Him in the stars and moon and moved in the infinite sky.
Hopes and dreams were perfectly planned by the Lord.
Well developed plans,ideas and methodologies were given by Him for the next day's battles.
Breathed along with the universe and took rest inside the night's slumber waiting for a new dawn.
Lord comes everyday along with the sun and helps me in all my life's battles. Feeling His touch I forget all my wounds and hurts and mind never becomes tired and dejected and fulfilling my dreams and hopes move in the infinite sky along with the Lord and wait for a new dawn.
Colm Dec 2016
The emperor, the conqueror
Commanding every confidence
Cold, calm and under control
A version in the past tense

A shadow lock atop a cliff
Staring into the abyss
Humanity is underneath
The very point of his fingertip

And yet he waits for what might be
And casts his eye on every scene  
Having seen the way the world did bend
Beneath the bow tyranny

His hands hold out and underneath  
The sovereignty which is at hand
But always will he watch the streets
For the enemy of every man
I can insult you I can abuse you but I don't want to lose you
You are part of my heart without heart body is just nothing
We are on a ship and by seniority I am commander of crew
I have steered ship through many odds let me share feeling

But now my son I have gone old and am ill to move further
So I hereby nominate you to be the commander in the future  
Now my body is so weak my heart is to stop my vision is blur
Being son of a soldier, son I want to embellish values ,culture

Let me handover to you command of the ship as successor
Please make the unit strong so that you can win over all odds
You have to be meticulous and exercise more patience in anger
My soul will be in solace when you will take care of my wards

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Nicholas Kurtz May 2014
I know this is what

I was born to do

Electronic, Classical

   Analog or digital

Do we understand their meaning?

        I find it pivotal

         WAKE UP KIDS

From this crazy mind-****!

We never have to grow up

Collide, collide, collide

Cause when we come together

We’ll blow up space in time

Cause I know my crazy mind

Rules this space in time

Science, binding energetic mesh

Orb of fervent, atoms, matter

Forever brings the universal commander

Kaleidoscope dreams too heavy to stop

What’s the **** argument

Let’s raise the frequencies

Then drop
Something I wrote fresh from San Francisco full of inspiration.

— The End —