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Alexiss Aug 14
Here I am once more,
Trying to grasp what I can’t comprehend.
You speak to me in strange tongues.
Lesbian? I thought you were American.
Evie Apr 21
"alcohol tastes better underage because the secret ingredient is crime"
-a wise person on twitter
Vass Apr 19
I'm happier when I am with you
than I am looking at memes,
so if we're not in the same bed,
please visit me in my dreams.
The internet says (so it must be true)—
“A smile takes twenty muscles to produce.”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
My heart is the only muscle I use.

The internet says (so it must be true)—
“Bill Gates is giving his money away.”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
Since I found you I’m richer by the day.

The internet says (so it must be true)—
“Chocolate will be extinct by end of year.”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
Yours is a sweetness forever, sincere.

The internet says (so it must be true)—
“Click ‘like’ and Ellen will give you a car!”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
You have been my gift and my shining star.

The internet, it seems, has little true—
It’s likes and follows and asinine memes.
Nothing compares to the authentic you—
You’re my one true love made real from my dreams.
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Memes are funny, memes are easy, memes are quality, wow I just did a big woopsie.
The light from my cell phone shines brightly
in my bedroom at night. My eyes
thank the content creators
who format their memes on
Reddit with dark shades
so depression
won't hurt me
This is dedicated to my favorite relatable meme subreddit.
Ira Aug 2018
As I make a video for YouTube,
I go down to the mall with the real dudes.

I bring with me a mahogany sled,
Ready to go cause the security guards some dread.

I get in and go to the nearest empty escalator,
I chant a mantra that will be hailed by all masturbaters.

“Smoke Grass, Eat ***, Sled Fast,” I say,
But I am accosted by a mans hearsay.

Her threatens me with the cops,
But I ignore this and go down for the props.

I’m then chased by the old ******* that reeked of sea tang,
And hear my friends shout, “SLED GANG.”

I run with my sled in hand,
Chased by the **** who dare brought up his ******* demand.
Phi Kenzie Jul 2018
They’re surprisingly hard to talk about
The Rob Lowe Memes
they were a moment of wholeness
thrown out by deceit

Sent and received
so many message receipts
about Parks and Recreation
and the West Wing

Do you just want someone to talk to?
Because I do
I like you
and The Rob Lowe Memes

But were they a means to an end?
Pretend friendship for what?
Spendthrift with interest
without a mention of a finish

yet you left and I let you
doing nothing to stop it
I didn’t think you really knew me
trying to speak through
The Rob Lowe Memes.
Talking to someone with a computer screen mask on
Alex Zhang May 2018
They fly from my tongue like sparks from a fire
Those hurtful words aimed at the objects of my admiration
Because I cannot hold them when they are so high up
So I must tear them down from the sky to cradle them in my arms

It may seem ironic to destroy those pretty stars
So bright that they shine even in the darkest of nights
But I simply cannot sleep when they gleam like jewels
Beaming technicolor through my plain window

And call me a fool for being a destructive bigot
Filled to the brim with selfish desire so that I have no room for love
But isn't it so much easier to covet and scorn
Those constellations in the sky where I have no place?

And as I gaze at the pure black blanket void of all light
After I have bulldozed everything around me
So that I am the highest point on Earth
I realize how much I miss the Big Dipper

The Milky Way is huge, an expanse so great
That even I can have a spot of my own; it's free real estate
Among Leo, Gemini, and Pisces, I can have one to call mine
A world of my own where I may do as I see fit

So instead of loathing those with which I have not
Instead of hating those with more fortune or glory
Understand that each of us has something special inside
To contribute to that network of stars seen when the sun goes down
kaleo May 2018
Burrito bushes
Under  my house
Soggy beans
Hot chilies

Dog for meat
In my soup
Dipping sauce is  poopy

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1 Child
1 Person that read the first letter of every line
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