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Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
Straight from the ashes that burned bright and cold
I’ve risen to the chaos that spawned that day,
My wish upon the stars rising bright and be folds
For the future I've seen will never fade away.
Monsters and enemies swarmed us like black fireflies
As we were stuck within the blazing sun,
Hearing the siren that came from upon the bright sky
We proceed to escape, watching soldiers run.
What yet lies beyond the naked eye’s truth
Will be swift, merciless and sharp,
All the friends I've made within my youth
Has betrayed me, leaving me in the dark.
Heed my request young warrior of the night
Don't be scared or stunned for even a second,
Draw your blade and face against the blight
And rise to the top with soldiers beckoned.
For a fraction of a heartbeat I come to my faith
As the eight maidens sing in unison within the cold,
Reaching out from the darkness of the void, I hesitate
As my lost story begins to shift and unfold.
And as the tainted leaves start to descend and be rotten
Deep within me, an energy comes out untold,
I am the protector of the withered and fallen
I am the true commander of my soul.
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
A little glass,

Red wine's the cure,

There's time for one,

Then several more.
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2015
He grabbed me by the hair
And beat me up.
I said, daddy stop it
Please not here.
Daddy, I don't know who you are
Daddy, you're not my daddy
Any more
Daddy, go away.

He punched me several places,
Several times
Until I bled.
Until I hated him enough
To spit on his face.
Until I loved him enough
To believe I deserved it.

He screamed I was a *****.
He screamed it so many times
It got to my head
And changed the way
I saw myself.

I said, daddy not here,
Not today.
But he beat me up

Alexis A Sep 2014
Several Cruel Hours Of Our Lives
It's not really that bad
But I am obsessing
Must have perfect grades
But I'm too shy to speak up
I have to get my teachers to like me
But I can't open my mouth
I am feeling overwhelmed
But I won't stop caring so much
I'll finish with highest honors
For these cruel hours
Can change your future
Just stressed a bit with school, letting it all out. I have a problem with being a perfectionist, but I don't really care. I want to get into an ivy league, but alas, we will see what happens.

— The End —