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WistfulHope Dec 2014
I'm curious...

How did my ExxP parents
Give birth to two IxxJ children?

How did my 'ideal match' parents
Get such a ****** up marriage?

How does my T father
Really feel about and think of his F son?

How much does my ISFJ brother
Hate his INFJ sister for stunting his F growth,
Because our ESTP father, my shadow type, has annihilated mine?

How am I supposed to be able to predict
My ENFP mother's flip-flopping parenting,
Even if we're both NFs?
Finally decided to sit down and type my family (, ehhhhh...).
Only one I'm not certain of is my brother.
- - -
You'll probably ignore/not get this, unless of course you're a certain INFP who I had in mind while writing. (******* The Wing)

— The End —