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Subrat Rath Mar 2019
In the kingdom of divine there is no point of becoming sad.
Everything is happening according to the divine will.
Even sitting with no work in hand is the will of the divine.
We are the children of the divine and the divine is taking care of everything.
In the kingdom of the divine there are only peace and bliss.
Merging the brain, body and mind inside the juice of the divine we will forget all our briefs and with renewed vigor and zeal fight the battle of life.
Sadness is seen only in an ignorant mind.
Mind which moves according to the divine will is all the time afresh and alive.
In the kingdom of the divine there is only peace and bliss. Exploring the divinity within us we can be enlightened and illumined.
Subrat Rath Sep 2018
I am not poor because I believe that money is not power but goodness and holiness.
I try to be a human first and money comes to me automatically.
Money does not make a man it is always man who makes the money.
Do not belittle me if I have no money.
Because powers of the mind are infinite and mind can make billions of money if it wishes.
But that is not the thing.
I remain honest,intelligent and wise.
I have full faith on Lord.
He will give me enough money to fulfill my hopes and dreams.
With complete surrender and faith on Him I move on the path of peace,progress and prosperity and pray for global harmony and peace.
Money does not make the man. It is always man who makes the money. Following certain strict life principles and becoming divine we can earn money at ease.
Subrat Rath Jul 2018
Calm and cool came the Lord along with the rising sun.
Invigorated and refreshed fought along with me life's battles.
Feeling His touch forgot all my wounds and hurts.
Mind never felt tired and dejected as Lord was the commander.
Saw Him in the stars and moon and moved in the infinite sky.
Hopes and dreams were perfectly planned by the Lord.
Well developed plans,ideas and methodologies were given by Him for the next day's battles.
Breathed along with the universe and took rest inside the night's slumber waiting for a new dawn.
Lord comes everyday along with the sun and helps me in all my life's battles. Feeling His touch I forget all my wounds and hurts and mind never becomes tired and dejected and fulfilling my dreams and hopes move in the infinite sky along with the Lord and wait for a new dawn.
Subrat Rath Jul 2018
Mind motivates to move on the path of peace,prosperity and progress.
Rightly guiding it and going deep inside it we will find an infinite and calm ocean.
In the ocean we will find all our weLtd.
All our thirsts will be over and we will get all wisdom and knowledge.
Serene and still it will become and we will not run after worldly mirage.
The sweet water of the ocean will quench our thirst and we will be able to serve our family,society and organization to our level best.
Mind is divine and rightly understanding it we will never be deceived and day in and day out be more wise and intelligent.
Resting on the positive vibrations of the mind all the time we will stay motivated.
Giving it proper directions we will be illumined and enlightened.
Understanding the divine aspects of the mind we can bring peace and harmony in the global village.
Mind by nature is divine and properly understanding it all the time we can stay motivated and move on the path of peace,prosperity and progress and bring peace and harmony in the global village.
Subrat Rath Jul 2018
God is waiting for me some where.
He wants me to do my duties perfectly.
He is minutely observing all my thoughts,words and deeds.
With an ardent love for Him I am fighting the battle of life.
I have totally surrendered to Him.
Developing absolute faith on Him I am moving embracing the mountains and dress.
The waves of the sea are dashing.
Under the stars and the full moon I am exploring the infinite.
God is patiently waiting for me.
He wants to fulfill His mission and vision through me.
Catching a glimpse of His peace and bliss I am forgetting my worries and anxieties.
Sometimes I am feeling His touch inside my brain,body and mind.
Being enlightened and illumined in the best possible manner I am serving my family,organization and society.
God is saving me from all dangers of life.
Overcoming the challenges I am fulfilling my hopes and dreams.
One day I will mingle with God and experience eternal peace and bliss.
God and man are one and the same. Discovering the divinity within we will experience eternal peace and bliss. God is within each of us.
Subrat Rath Jun 2018
Dew drops are falling.
Full moon is calm and cool.
The nature is silently shaping my hopes and dreams.
The silence of night is taking me to a new height.
The infinite sky is making the mind to look beyond the deep valleys.
From the horizon are flowing all energies.
The whole existence is dancing in ecstasy.
Inside the dew drops I am envisioning a new life.
The flowers,trees and the mountains are making the mind serene and tranquil.
Being covered by dew drops the whole nature is seeming beautiful.
The reflections of knowledge and wisdom inside the dew drops are showing me the path to peace,progress and prosperity.
Flowers are shining and merging the mind in peace and bliss.
The reflections of the stars inside the dew drops are making the mind more colorful.
Every where is being felt the presence of Almighty.
Dew drops are adding more value to tired and dejected life and inside the slumber of the night I am resting in peace.
Dew drops are very much liked by all and enhance the beauties of nature and add value to creativity.

— The End —