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marjo Dec 2020
Is this what they call death?
Still being awake at three in the morning with short, heavy heart beats that you could almost feel your chest sink?
With your mind still completely awake and a burst of thoughts suddenly come through it like wildfire, leaving you overwhelmed with emotions that you can't even tell apart?
Trust me when I say I've tried shutting it off--- my mind and all the madness that it goes through, but somehow, the more I try to suppress it, the more I feel alive. I feel like dying, but at the same time it's what is keeping me alive.
marjo Sep 2020
i'm nowhere near,
no, not even close.
what my heart wants,
i have to enclose
for i'm testing new waters,
somewhere far,
embracing my nightmares
and learning to welcome
marjo Sep 2020
a place where i ought to be,
somewhere i can be,
a place for my dreams
and nightmares,
but i somehow ended up
anywhere near
but my safe haven.
  Apr 2019 marjo
Did you know
Bad luck purrs
When you kiss him?
marjo Jan 2019
what happened to romance?
to those sappy, sappy, hand written letters?
to those songs that started with something more than words could describe?
to those dozens of unsent poems declaring my undying love for you and only you?
what happened to it now?
what happened to them?
still waiting in the dark and wanting to be read out loud for the world to know,
to hear what my heart and soul still yearns for --- you.
i tried
marjo Jan 2019
sometimes, you're the only thing that's running inside my mind---
when it's past midnight and i can't seem to close my eyes,
when it's dark and cold and i'm all alone in sight,
i feel the ghost of your kisses on my neck haunting me.

maybe you'd think i'm having a nightmare, no.
because most of times,
i'd still choose this empty feeling over anything.
i **** at this, sorry.

— The End —